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"A Christian Approach" order to give a healthy Christian example for some to follow....!!!!!

-¿¿Can YOU??-"For God nothing shall be impossible" Luk.1:37> <"Being an example is not the most important thing to influence others. It is the only way"!!! Albert Schweitzer, French protestant pastor , theologian and nobel winer in the XX-century. (John 13:15,"I-John 2:6", Eph.2:10).> >An optimal and desirable conditions will be to build and live on a no poluttion-ecologic model enviroment, this is; using only local natural materials to build, using solar and wind enery as possible, produce our own methane gas or use electric batteries and avoid non degradable products. So garbage could be re-cycle or buried without damage and our disposal of water can be used for organic sowing purposes .(without chemical fertilizers)< > So far, what we can do now, is participate at a cibenetic community of worldwide christians at; and pray for each other, so we can start a sound christian life within our own families. >The mayor purpose: Honor our Father and God with our heart and live our lives accodingly to his commandments (HIS Love WAY!), living our religion (not only appearance of thruth,Eph:4:2,15-16).The mayor benefit: Develope with a Christ foundation, a christian example community of love to our neigbor in which every family member will improve its christian character. The mayor risk: The christian spiritual death of the comunity.The worst starting problem to solve: The covetousness and our selfish character.the biggest chalange: Pardon each other our transgressions as God pardons us our transgressions, learnning to live with our limitations and sorrows. (Ephes4:32,Col:3:13;Math6:14-15,Rom3:10,23,27). The mayor limitation: Our limited faith an trust in God!!!< >God bless us all, and let´s pray so it can be done!< >Recommended conditions to belong as a family member: 1.- To be a converted baptized Christian (borned again!) 2.- To be preferably, maried, divorced or widowed. 3.- Whithout present mayor sex-alchoholic-cigarret & idolatry sins. 4.- Preferably no properties on his mame,(fine, on his wife or children) 5.- Dominate a productive labor and not be a lazy person.(incapacities and ilness will be treated with mercy) 6.- To have a christian fidelity and obedience to the community purposes and biblical goals. 7.- Participate willingly to a community social-welfare, with work and savings for the bishop help, general communities benefits, and or other possible independent-comunities ( if necessary or desirable). 8.- Not a covetousness person (It´s idolatry),Mat16:26,Luc12:15) 9.- To have pardon to his neighbor, family, enemies, etc.< >Possible resourses: 1)God´s blessings; Prov.3:5,10:22,Salm.37:3-5,Luk.12:28-31,I John:3:21-24,5:14-15,Heb.10:35-39. 2)Financial capacity of each one to purchase his seccion land and its common land. 3)financed by himself, family, brethren or friend. 4)financed by community work, through the community funds. 5)free donations or contributions.(preferable; 25 years use-rights) 6)Lease or Leasing?< >Other biblical recomendations!!!for evangelist pastors???? Mat10:10,Mac6:8,LUK12:24) 7)Nomade, extranger and peregrine tents(booths) and trailer cars? 8)Nomade, extranger and peregrine without bag,staff or money?

cancelation for any reason??; So far I think, it could be: 50% reimbersement at the end of the first year of full operation. 50% reimbersement through the following years,according to the financial capacity of the community and profitability of the land returned, without interest.< >Recomended site;"El cazón" East surounding of Rocky Point Port,(Puerto Peñansco) at Sonora, State, Mexico. A fisherman comunity and new turistic resourse. It is 2hr. drive south from Lukeville, Arizona, USA, at the gulf of California. Mounts and flat-lowland an conditions as clouse as descibed on Deut8:6-18. Aprox; 31.5° latitud and 113.5° meridian, over 656 feets (200mts.) over sea. It has aprox. 70°-80°Fh (22°-26°C), mean annual tmperature.It is semi-arid tropical climate; Light precipitaions, rapid evaporations; all months warms or hot.60%-79% of total population urban. Fisheries and specialized horticulture with some meditarranean agriculture avaiable (grapes and olives).Mayor risk; nuclear waste from USA,and grouth of tourium with casinos. Other alternative could be; Villa Ahumada south surounding;It is 2 hours drive from el Paso Tx. USA. 60-70°F (16-21°C)10-20." Over 6562 feet (2000mts.), mean annual precipitation with a arid mid-latitud;light precipitation:warm or hot summers,cool or cold winters.Livestock .beehive,and agriculture;squash,sweetpotatoes,pistachios,pomegranatefigs,grapes,melons,alfalfa,wheat,corn,beans,etc.Sta.Isabel country site,very close to Cuahutemoc,Chihuhua,Mexico ,Majalca,Jagueyes and other Mennonities beautifull sites,around Casas Grandes,CHIH., Majalca country site, woods land, Maine, USA.,with 5000km of pacific cost,etc.Or why not , live closely to an exisitng christian community, as the Mennonite(worldwide) and/or Amish (USA-Canada only), existing ones. A great example of this type of communities that have survive 500 years are;MENNONITES-AMISH; founded in Switzerland since the 1525´s by Mennon Simon and anabaptists; The bible is the sole rule of faith,non-truly protestant-reform movement,none military service, shun worldy ways and modern inovations, with exceptions, (education and technology); The sacraments are adult baptism and rural-communion , Love between them & good spiritual fruits, a group of 40,000 within 180,000 other mennonities groups. I have and I´ll will know and visit them more closely to learn from them or fraternize more, if God wishes. Lately I visited Jagueyes-Namiquipa, Chih. and Sabinal-Asención, Chih. but unfortunaly the Trinity doctrine is common on them (I-Jn.5:7), such as the none aceptance of the exception at Mat.19:9, about 2nd.nuptials within the traditional Mennonities. Check their web,s site: or on my links For more details of a ecological farm check my "Granja Ecologica"; >Please excuse my english, and please receive my regards and best wishes to you< < Jaime Diaz Rodriguez ,Chihuahua,Mexico (5 hrs. drive south El Paso, Texas,USA)>

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