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I.-Israelites/Jewish/Judish, sect of the Nazarenes /Christians (as named latter);Act.2.41,47,24.5,Matt.2.23,16.18,I-Cor.12.27-28,I.Thes.2.14. [I don´t pretend here to have an historical Treaty/book, but only a general picture of ineludible facts of history, as I could recomplete from available handy sources, but clearly enough for skeptic or deceived by religious historians, that don´t have this precious faith].


Historical facts, during before and after the period that we know as Christianity.During the time of the Rome Emperor August (Octavius),31BC-13AD.,followed by Cesar Tiberius,14AD-37AD, Herod I The Great,37BC-4AD, as King of Judah,his brother,Herod Antipas,4BC-39AD,Isr./Jew Flavius Josephus, soldier commander & Jew historian,37-100 AD, Martyr John the Baptist of Judah,30 AD,Matt.3.1, the priest Caiphas,30 AD,Joh.11.49-50,the teacher Gamaliel,35 AD,Act.5.34-40 Roman governor Pontius Pilate,30 AD, YAHUSHA (known later as YASHUA/Jesus/JC.) ,30 AD ,Lazaro,30 AD,Jn.11.44-45,a principal of Pharisees,Nichodemus,30 AD,Jn.3.1-14,7.50-51,priest Anaias,62 AD,Act.24.1,Roman general Titus,70 AD, the destruction of Jerusalem & Temple of God,Agt.70 AD,during the time of Cesar Nero 54-86AD; Jer.17.27,26.18,Miq.3.12,Matt.24.1 (prophesized, by Yahusha). Historians that wrote about the severe persecution of the Nazarenes/Christians, hist. Clement bishop of Rome,97 AD, hist. Tacitus,64-100 AD, his.& elder Tertullian 190AD.Other his.; Rom. Suetonius,41-54 AD.,about the ISR./Jews rebelions,his.Martyr Justin 150 AD. & Hippolytus /Apostolic Tradition,etc.

a) History by historians.-

The Septuagint Old Testament/Tanakh (The Law of Moses & the prophets, including Psalms & Prov.)was known since Alexandria, Egypt 300 BC,& Pergamo,Asia,16 BC,famous libreries BC. times.Then, after C. times,the first holy scriptures of the New Testament was partially in circulation within a tight circle of Nazareth early true believers. Although I do agree with Paul Johnson( History of Christianity 1976), that during the first decades of the 2nd.century, were many Nazarenes/Christians texts, that lacked of a precise order and in several languages and very difficult to identify as true or false,for the historians and writers. The historian Isr./Judish/Jew Favious Josepho,93 AD,"The Antiques of the Jews" as a Roman historian, mentions them indirectly and imprecisely. At the most, then a pile of scriptures gathered by the elder of Smyrna, Polycarp (69-156 AD). And after that a rich disciple of the A. Paul (Saul of Tarso (33AD), the historian Marcion the heretic (140 AD),took the first important step of this titanic initial classification of the N. Test. manuscripts, at hand. At this early time, the authentic A. Paul´s Epistles, were the main pattern (II-Pet.3.2,15,Jude 17). By the way the A. Paul was himself and his letters to the congregations, historically a very first & clean Nazareth Yahusha disciple and its epistles an authentic unavoidable & irrefutable historical document. After the historian Macion, continued this task,the elder Papias of Hierpolis,120 AD., a possible disciple of the A. John.(110 AD), and latter Eusebio ,(300AD), elder of Caesarea, contributed to have an organized NEW TESTAMENT manuscript, that ended in the Old Bible/Vetus Latina and latter into the Latin "Vulgata Bible",a translation of Jerome,secretary of Damascus,382 AD. & futher more in the English "Wyclifs Bible".For archaeology support of the Bible, read The Ilustrated Bible Dictionary,L-Eng,1980 and the Bible handbook of Henry H. Halley.Other; The Didache Syrian manuscripte, 170 AD?, gral.Christian history,"The world of the 1st. Christinans" by Lion Publish,Ency.Britannica -North Amer.-instant researches Service; The rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire & The early Christians in the Rom. Emp.

b)Holy Scriptures history.-

Yahusha Nazarene;The Nazarene,The Christ (knowned as Yahsua/The Nazarene /Jesus of Nazarene)was born in Bethlehem of Judaea (city of K.David) in the days of Herod (The Great) the King,37BC-4AD (of the ISR,/Jews of Judah),Matt.2.1,23. In the fifteenth year of the Roman reign of Tiberius Cesar, 14-37 AD, Pontius Pilate,26-36 AD being prefect/governor of Judea & Herod (Antipas),4 to BC-39 AD, being tetrarch of Galilee, and his brother Philip tetrarch of Ituraea & Traconita,4 BC-34 AD. Ananias a Sadducee and Caiphas being the high priests,at Jerusalem, the Word of GOD / ELOI /YAH/YAHU/YHUH (came into John, prophet, the son of Zacharias in the wilderness, near the Jordan river of Judea. Luk.3.1 The four true Gospels (Matt, Mar, Luk. & Jn.)& Epistles that are more or less known today are few written manuscript copies (some with mistakes of translation/transliteration, intentionally as; I-JN.5.7-8) & verbal/oral (same as the Talmud) recompilations of the primitive & direct witnesses; apostles and evangelists, that wrote the original documents in fragile of plant papyrus or of animal skins (perishable all), that were displaced, lost & destroyed during the destriction of Jerusalem & by the Israelite/Jews & Roman persecutions of the Nazarenes/Christians of the first two centuries,Gal.1.13. But recovered as the O. Test. Qumran papyrus scrolls of the Dead Sea, by the power & grace,Is.66.2,Ps.145.6,147.5,of The MOST HIGH;YAH/ELI/YHUH (known as Jehovah /YHWH/YHVH/ADONAY), as it is very well explained by the apostle John, I-Joh.1.1-4,Rev.1.2-3, for our blessing and joy may be full,Jn.20.30-31.But sadly , the historian Isr./Jud. Flavius Josepho,93 AD, as a Roman historian mentioned very little about the Teacher & Prophet Yahusha of Nazareth,Mar.16.16 or its 14 Isr./Jud. apostles (including Judas Iscariot the traitor , Matthias & Paul) , because these were destroyed or manipulated intentionally. Although the historian Roman Tacito,64/AD mentions about the Naz./Chr. sect, in his "Annals",50AD,writings as the his. Sentonia & Pilinio, the young,112AD, did also. By fortune , we can see today fragments of ancient copies that circulated then in the 2nd. & 3rd. centuries, at the Rylands library, Manchester, England, or a mayor collection of the New Test. Holy Gospel & the epistle of Acts, of the apostles, that is in part of the “Chester Beatly collection at the University of Michigan, USA. For those that need to see & touch as the apostle Thomas. But finally believed & got blessed,Jn.20.27-19.For more details & archaeologic facts go to the pocket Bible handbook of Henry H. Halley, Ch. ,Il.pag. 663-5. An ancient Greek manuscript (since then, most of Is./Jews. Did read Greek & Aramean) translation from the Hebrew, of the Old Test., since c. II BC, called “The Septuagint”, is very well accepted & known by Yahusha Himself. Then the old Syriac (Syrio-Aramean) translation was available early, the 2nd.cent.AD, for the Syrians use. The Old Latin Bible/Vetus Latina made in the 2nd.cent. AD., and latter become a transaltion of Jerome,a secretary of Damascus,to the well known, now days, “ The Vulgate”, Catholic Bible, for occident. From there “The Alfonsina Bible” and “The Wyclif´s Bible”, from fragmentary important attempts & manuscripts available. The first printed Bible was until 1454 AD by J. Gutenberg, but formal pre-bibles scriptures, was known as Sinaitic manuscripts or Codex, 350 AD, that contained Old & New Testaments. Today can be seen at the University libery at Liepzin. (source; by Henry H. Halley, Ch. Il. pag. 663-5).The Dead Sea Scrolls of Qumran community at Jerusalem,and more recent discoveries of older Bible scrolls.

c) From the Bible. II-Tim. 3.16-17,Joh.20.30-31.

It is clear that the New covenant,Luk.16.16,29-31; the New Gospel was directed first to all Isr./Jews people (The people of God; Deut.14.2,Luk.1.68,Jn.1.11-12),from godly ISR:/Jews (Nazarenes beleivers)preachers ,anticipated since remotes times by Isr./Jews prophets, and gain anticipated in times of Christ. era by a just Isr./Jew Simeon & the prophet Ann, Luk.2.25,34-36, and by the prophet & martyr John the Baptist.It started with Yahusha and His 12 apostles, & continued for decades by evangelists, elders, the 13th apostle Paul and within the Israel country; Galilee, Judea, Samarya, etc, known, at the beginning as the sect of Nazarenes, because of Yahusha of Nazareth,The Nazarene,"Matt.2.23, Act.1.8","the Verb of God,Jn.1.1,Rev.19;13". The first covenant, to the Isr./Jews people was not in effect any more, since centuries before the Naz./Chr.times,Is.59.2,Jer.4.10 and many Isr./Jews sects were then, in control of the Temple at Jerusalem and through the Roman empire, plus Assyria, including Libya Eg.; Herodians, Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes, doctors of the Law of Moses (The Tora & the prophets) and many others sects were present also; Maccabaeus, Qurmran, Zealots, Essenians, Samaritans,etc. and all with different men doctrines, and mistaken interpretations of the Old Testament /Tanakh & The Talmud, deceived,Matt.7;15-23,15;7-9,13,Isa.29;13, all far ahead from God´s will, to the extreme that they killed the creator and savior of them, but brought back to a glorious life by the power of God,Jn.10.18,Rom.1.4. Around the 45?AD, the apostle Paul, +/- 16 years after the crucifixion of Yahusha of Nazareth, he visited again Jerusalem to an apostolic conference where it was established clearly the presence of a Naz./Chr. New true religion,Act.15.22. Where and then, the basic Nazarenes doctrines defined for Gentiles,& for Isr./Jew. believers. Because since then, Judizers Nazarenes believers , were disturbing the original doctrines of the new covenant ;Matt.22:37-39,Act.2.41-44,15.19-20,Jn.10.30,11.25-26,II-Jn.4-9,5.19-20 (Deut.28.1-2,Miq.6.8,Is.1.13-18,58.6-10). The authentic epistle of the Isr./Jews of the new covenant fo the Apostle Paul,45-65 AD, Saulo of Tarso, pupil of Gamaliel, who converted from Judaism orthodox, were distributed and copied through all the Israel ancient country, Minor Asia, Greece, Arabia, Damascus, & Italy, which were written as early as 50 AD, of our Christian era (decades, even a century before the Catholic Rome church came into existence.

These epistles of A. Paul, by itself can be an enough Holy scripture to understand the MOST HIGH/ABBA´s/FATHER´S purpose for humanity, including Isr./Jews. All Paul´s epistles were so distributed and protected by God, that themselves are an ineludible proof of its existence and of the power of God, to start with Yahusha the Messiah, the Christ, The Son of the living God, Matt.16.16 a new covenant (with a New Gospel), for Isr./Jews, at Judea & Galilee, continued by the 13th apostles & evangelists, at all Judea and Samaria,Act.1.8,by and for the world. The history of His life and His doctrine is the New Testament, so He is the author of the Holy Scripture. For those that still doubtful, should read Heb.8.1-13,Jer.31.31-34 & Joh.6.44-45, and for those willing to believe by God´s gift, Heb.11.1-6,Eph.2.8, the H. scriptures of Exodus(at the XIII/XVI? dinasty of Ramses II?/Konchanis?)& Isaiah of the Old Test.(Tanakh), and the H. scrip. of John and to the Romans of the New Test., will be sufficient to understand and believe. An even a least of four scriptures will be of great blessing if “ we do” what is read on them; Deut.5.27-29,Miq.6.8 & Joh.3.14-18,6.44-48. But if you still don´t believe one only scripture, will be a blessing for us to follow; I-Thim.5.7-8. For Isr./Jew. Recommended ,Ecl.2.24-26;I-Tim.2.5 & The Epistle to the Hebrews,also will be helpful to read “The two types of faiths” by Isr./Jew. Martin Buber & Schweitzer´s essay on Eucharist.

II.-Israelites-Judish-Jews Nazarenes of the Diaspora.

Within the Roman Empire; plus in Assyria, & including Lybia Egypt . So this in fact is a New unique Religion for Isr. /Jews, that thousands of Isr./Jews were witnesses and believers, of the repent gospel of the prophet Isr./Jew John the Baptist (Mal.4.5,Matt.3.1) and 3 & half years of Yahusha of Nazareth ,as the Son of Man (in the flesh) direct evangelization, of the new covenant, about the New Kingdom of the Father & the Son of GOD/ELI/The Most HIGH, to the Isr./Jews people mainly, directly first in their synagogues, where He was expelled , public places, houses of rich and pour ,The Temple, Isr./Jews country and surroundings, during the Annual Holy Feasts, and with the 13th Isr./Jews Apostles (Matthias & Paul included) , which were without doubt, an example of having an unconditional trust & belief. With whom made several astonishing miracles, with the power of His Father ;YHUH/YAH/The MOST HIGH. Thousands of Isr./Jews believed; included many Samaritans,Jn.4.39, though, they were afraid to be excluded also from the synagogues . Thousands more after his crucifixion & resurrection,at Jerusalem,Luk.24.47, when He showed Himself alive by infallible proofs, during forty days,Act.1.3.

Thousand more since early Pentecost (33 AD),Jl.2.28-32,Act.2.1-4,17,14,47, through a Holy Ghost (Power of YAH) miracle, thousands more, all over the Roman Empire (included Libya), plus Arabia & Assyria, after disciple elder Stephan martyrdom & Jewish persecution of Israelites Nazarenes (called Christians latter),by the Isr./ Jews in power. And may thousands more during the Apostolic Times,30-100 AD, I-Jn.1-4,Act.1.8,all over the major diaspora cities of the Roman Empire, including, ex Antiochia, Arabia, Damascus, Chipre,etc, except Lybia & Alexandria & cities where the converted Isr./Jew A. Paul (Saulo de Tarso (+/- 40 AD) visited the region and Isr./Jew. Synagogues ,Act.13.5,15,or wrote an authentic epistle to them (including Rome & Italy cities).Also many believed (Isr./Jews & Gentiles), where the Apostles go or lived, after the destruction of Jerusalem (Agt.70 AD), example; Antioquia, A. Joh. at Patmos(Samos)island, etc. It is clear also that many of the believers did not prevail,Luk.13.24.And the majority of them were scattered silently and fearfully through the Roman Empire & beyond; by the 2nd. Century, to the East; from Najran Arabia, Turkey & Irak, avoiding persecution. Never as a dominant institution, political, or city of Nazarenes, and much less as a direct heritage of the primitive apostles or evangelists church, as many pretend to be now,Jn.3.14-19,4.21-23,Matt.16.18,18.20-19.

III.-Israelites /Jews & Gentiles true believers Nazarenes / Christians, Eph.1.4-5,Joh.1.12,3.11-19,35-36,Is.51;6.

The true Church of GOD, the living God, in the faith of Yahusha ,I-Tim.3.15,starts with the primitive & martyr prophet, John the Baptist, the stoned elder Stephan, the martyr Teacher (The Son of God) & shepherd Yahusha , +/- 30AD,Himself, His mother Myriam & brothers & sisters,Jn.11.50, Lazarus & his family, the 12th apostles (Matthias replaced Jude Iscariot the traitor),many woman; Myriam (the mother of James & Joseph), Myriam Magdalene & Salome,Mar.15.40,43,naturaly the martyr A.of the ISR/Jews & principal Apostle Peter, Simon son of Jonas,Mat.16.18,Luk.22.31-32, (by the way, he never went to Rome), the 13th mart.A.Paul and elder of the Naz./Chr. Gentiles, Gal.2.7-8,Naz. prophets,scribes,Apostles & Naz. wise men,Mat.23.34,Luk.11.49,the evangelists, as Philip, the counselor Joseph of Arimathea,the presbyters Timothy & Titus all members mentioned by name in the multiple small congregations of Naz./Chr., including the 7 congregations of Minor Asia, Rev.chap.2 & 3. The Other Pilgrims of Heb.11.13-14,36-38, not mentioned by name, but had trial of cruel mocking & whippings, yea, moreover of bonds & imprisons, stoned, asunder, tempted, killed; they wandered about in animal skins. being destitute, afflicted, tormented. Of whom the world was not worthly.I-Cor.4.11-13,Jn.17.14,The world hath hated them, because they were not of the world, but conforted them by God,I.Cor.1.4. Included here the malefactor thief crucified with Yahusha/Yashua,Luk.23.42-43, until the loved Galus,+/- 90 AD,II-Jn.1.12 & Demetrius. To complete the great multitude, where no man could number; of all nations & kindreds & tonues,Jn.4.23-24,Rev.7.9.That will cried with a loud voice; salvations to our ELI (The Most High / ABBA/ Father/YHUH), which sited upon the throne, and unto the Lamb (Yahusha). They were illuminated with an eternal life in a New Kingdom of the Most High & His Son ,I.Cor.8.6.These saints together with the called and chosen since Abel, Chenoch, the patriarchs; as Moses, priests, prophets,Jam.5.10-11,King David, King, Salomon, Job,etc. and more mentioned in Heb. 11.3-32 & the 144,000 of all tribes of the children of Israel,Rev.7.4-8. Perhaphs,could be include here,some of the Roman Catacombers & the Minor Asia caves habitants ,the teacher of Oxford & writer of “The true of the H. scriptures”, and translator of the Bible Vulgate; John Wyclif,1324-1384 AD, or any others that I might had ignore, in my ignorance as the martyrs at the Coliseum. Blessing and Glory, and wisdom , and thanksgiving, and honor, and power, and might, be unto our God for ever, Rev.7.11,Ps.82.6,Reason of His creation and love for all humanity, that will be resurrected & blessed in is Kingdom,"Luk.12.31-37". Visit www.geocities.com/jaimediaz_2000/mybelief.html

IV.-Deceived Isr./Jews & Gentile Christianity; II-Pet.2.3,II-Cor.11.13,11.26,II-Tim.4.3-4

It is clear, to everyone, that the Gospel of Yahusha was initially directed to the people of Israel /Judah,by godly Isr./Jews Naz. beleivers but due to the decadent Isr./Jew religion in power, at the time with many Isr./Jews groups & sects; Herodians, Sadducees, Pharisees, Scribes, doctors of the Law of Moses, Zealots, Samaritans,Qumrans (of the Dead Sea),etc They did not accept Yahusha/Yashua,Jud.3-4,Luk.16.31,I.Jn.2.19, as the true Messiahs, because it was not, in their benefit, but most of all they were to much deceived, to the extreme they killed HIM,Matt.7;15-20,21-23,15:13,22.29,23.30-31,Rev.2.9,as they had killed before,the ancestors, their legitimate prophets,II-Cro.21,24,Matt.23.30-31,35, ignoring the Scriptures & the Power of God,Matt.22.29.

a)Deceived, but innocent intentioned; Jud.3-5,I-Jn.2.19,I-Tim.4.1-2.

Many Isr./Jew. primitive Nazarenes had the fortune to be witnesses of the New Religion, the True Gospel of CHRIST,the miracles of Yahusah & His apostles, His resurection & of others, and some of them to become friends of some of the Isr./Jews 14th apostles (including Judas Iscariot),Matt.27.52-53, of the evangelists and close followers of them, other more even become false brethrens,Gal.1.6-7,2.4.But they didn´t remain in the sane Doctrine of the sect of the Nazarenes,I-Jn.5.19-20,II-Jn.9. They must have heard and read the original & the authentic copies of the Holy Gospels & Epistles, first written in Greek (because it was the dominant language; with the exception of Matthew, that , it is believed, that was in Aramean; the native language of the Lord). Their known Christianity, brought them, anyhow, serious problems & martyrdoms, from their inquisitors Isr./Jews & Romans, and latter from the deceived & covetous, idolatrous, leaders of the deceived Christianity.

It is very important to acknowledge with an open mind that we live in a world, where since millenary times, spirit of lies is present,I-Jn.4.1-6,Is.30.9-10, born by the father of lies,Satan,Is.14.13,16,Ps.109.2,Eph.2.2, Gen.3:4-5,Jn.8:44,Rev.3:9,12:9,I-Jn.3:8,10. .It was since Adam, since Isr./Jews of the Exodus, (that heard the voice of the Almighty).,Jer.7.24-28,5.19,31,until our days, where a deceived Christianity claims a direct heritage of the primitive apostles,Matt.24.5,11.Or were a deceived Judaism/Isr., through the rabbinic Talmud, pretend to have a direct heritage of the prophet Moses, the high priest of Aaron & of the Levi tribe,Is.1.13-15,Jn.1:17.

Read www.geocities.com/jaimediaz_2000/the7lies_rev.doc THE 7 biggest LIES OF THE WORLD ! ; Hosea 10:13,Rom.1:25,II-Thes.2:11. 1st.-The false Religions: (deceitful /masked worship to the Devil = disgrace to the only Living GOD ; the almighty and creator of the universe and of all life; visible and invisible). a) False religions of the world; Joshua 24:23-24, Matt.4:10 & apocryphal gospels. b) False doctrines and false gospels; Matt.13:4,19,II-Jn.9,I-Thim.4.1-2,6:3. c) False Christ;Jer.19:4-5, Matt.24:24, I-Thim.6:3,II-Thim.4:3-4,II-Pet.2:1-3,II-Cor.11:13-15. d) Unbeliever of Yahusha of Nazareth, the Christ as the SON of the living GOD. e) Little faith in Yahusha (The Christ), His Words or His doctrine. Deny Christ ´s doctrine or mix with doctrines of men, or a mixture of the old and new covenant, for confusion.; Luk.6.46,12:21,28,31. f) All type of idolatry & religious leaders (That hides the cheater and destructor of men);Jer.17:5 & covetousness;I-Cor.10:14-20,Col.3:9. g) The false spiritual Israel vs. the Israel of GOD; Ez.36:22-27,Act.2:17-18,Rom.9:6,Rev.2:9,Gal.6:16. P. data: 1.-visit my message to the false churches (of Isr./Jews & Gentile ones); www.geocities.com/jaimediaz_2000/churchmessage.html

Can include here; the deceived and traitor suicide Jude Iscariot, 33 AD,Jn.13.26,Diotrephes,+/-80 AD, who loved to leader the preeminence, III Joh.9,the elder Ignatus,35-107, AD, of Antioch, the elder Flavio Clement,75-97?AD, of Rome, the elder Polycarpio,69-156 AD, of Smyrna, who identified the four true Holy Gospels, the elder martyr Papias,70-155 AD, of Hierpolis, the philosopher and writer martyr Justine, 100-167 AD, the elder Ireneus,177-202 AD, of Lyon the father of Origenes, martyr Leonidas, 204 AD the philosopher & teacher Origenes,185-254,AD.,the writer of the Hexapla,the Chr. habitants of the Roman catacombers,I&II cent.AD. & at the caves of Minor Asia,Middle age Christians?,the Etyiopia Chr.III-IV cent.AD.,the Greek monateries of the Meteora risks,Mid.ag,AD., also, could include, the elder & writer of Apology & The Extract; Melito, of Sardis,161-180 AD, the Waldenses / Albigeneses & The Poor of Lyon; 1170-1263 AD, the Silesian writer & distant follower of M. Luther doctrines, Kaspar Von Schwenckfeld 1489-1561 AD, the martyr & writer Michael Servetus, 1540 AD,& others as the USA preacher Jonathan Edwards,1740,AD.,cath.Ines Gonxha (Teresa of Calcuta).For more information of them and possible others deceived Christians, that I hope, I didn´t missed to include here; ”The Pilgrim Church” by E. Hamer Broadbent, 1931 AD.& the "Pocket Bible HandBook by Henry H.Hally" which has historical & archaeological facts,Ency.Britannica-N.A.-Inst. Research S.; Apostolic Succession.

b)Deceived and covetous of comfort and power, Jn.10;1-14,I-Jn.2.18,II-Cor.11.14-15.

Since the first decades, Jewish influence & Gnosticism, philosopher religious, theological, monarchical & political salaried inquisitors, priests & doctors of the Law (latter Rabbins) & elders (later Bishops), were present and got integrated as the official Roman Church of the Roman Empire (state church), after the edict of Milan. I will only include here, some of the most mentioned ,as Christians, of the first centuries, starting with the religious, philosopher & writer, Marcion,140 AD, the heretic, which contributed to rescue many of the manuscripts of the New Testament. The elder Tertulian,160-220 AD of Carthage, “The father of Latin Christianity”, a Roman Lawyer,the elder Cyprian,200-258 AD.fo Carthage & elder/bishop Eusebius,260-334? AD, of Cesarea, which had influence with the emperor of Rome, Constantine,306-337 AD, the elder/bishop Agustin, of Hispora,354-430 AD, etc. More information of them and many others at; “The Pilgrim Church” by E. Hamer B.

Here , can be included all the Christian world known as; The Trinitarian Christian churches; The Roman Catholic Church, since 313 AD, the Greek Catholic Orthodox, since 864 AD, Catholics oriental (Syria & Persia) Orthodox Assyrian, The Nestorian/Nestorious,5th c. monk, The Old Protestant Reformed Churches, and its derivations & dissidents evangelical churches, which exceeds 400 hundred of them, that have the New. Test. As holy, with over 100,000 members each. Representing in 1986 33% of the world population.(by David B. Barrett, 1987 Britannica Book of the year); Lutheran,1517AD.(by Martin Luther, ex catholic priest which followed the same religious monarchic; German state-church & customs & ritual of the Catholic Roman Ch. That he criticized), Anbaptists,1525AD;Mennonities,1525,AD,Memo Simons; ex-catholic priest),Amish, Jacob Aman,1693 AD. The Anglican British state church of King Henry VIII,1534 AD, Presbyterians/Calvins,1536 AD, by John Calvin; ex catholic priest. The division of Protestantism,1607 AD; Episcopal,1607 AD,E. Presbyterians, Puritans 1550,AD,USA Calvinistic Gral.Baptist(including:The Particular ,The Primitive,1830 AD.of Stephen Mumford,The USA ,7 day Bapt.1672 AD,& The Bell Lane Sabbactarian B.churches of London),1631 AD.,The England Puritan Religious Society of Friends/Quakers/ by Jorge Fox,1650 AD, Methodists. All the USA Evangelical; Assembly of GOD, Pentecostal, Disciples of Christ,by Alexander Campbell,1811 AD., Congregation Christians, Church of Christ, Ch. of Christ Scientist, Modern and evangelical Trinitarians; Salvation Army, Nazarene Church,1840(L. Hencsey),Reformed Baptists (including primitive B. & 7day B.), Apostolic Ch., Jesus Christ of the latter days/ Mormons,1830 of Moroni/Joseph Smith, Children of God,1968 AD. by David Berg, Messianic Jews; Jews for Jesus,etc.Also from other countries as "de la Luz", from Mexico,the Corean Oriental, etc.The USA, Non Trinitarian. but merchandisers;The Adventists of William Miller,1844 AD.,the 7 day Adventist of Helen White & her husband James,1847 AD.,The Jehovah´s witnesses/Watchtower Soc.,1870 AD,of Charles Taze Russell/Latter with Rutherford 1917(to my personal opinion this Watchtower.org could have the closest sane doctrines,of the churches I know so far). The modern Jewdizer/Judizer/orthodox Christian churches; World Wide Church of God (before 1968;The Radio church of God), of Herbert W. Armstrong ,since 1934 AD,& dissidents (Where I was a member for 10 years, until the 1996 schism),but now trinitarian evangelic & the United Church of God,1996 AD,a major dissident of Wcg,ch. etc, etc. For more; "The Encyclopedia of American Religious History,N.Y.1996.

V.-At the end of times; I-Jn.2.18-19,Matt.24:1-44.

Since the apostolic times, 33-100 AD, until today 2008 AD, many false Christian gospels, false teachers, false apostles, antichrists, and elders/bishops & false churches/congregations, have made their appearance with false Christian doctrines; men & demon doctrines & a mixture of true & false doctrines ,II-Pet.3.16,Matt.7.15,21-23,15.8-9.The scriptures;I-Jn.2.22-23,Gal.1.6-8,gives a good idea, who is the liar. Read also the following scriptures to understand the basic sane Nazarene/Christian doctrine;Is.65.1-2,Mal.2.10,3.6-7,Miq.6.8,Eph.2:8-9,5.1-6,Jn.1;17,I-Jn-5.15,10,19-20,Rom.8.17,II-Jn.7-9,Joh.5.30-39,6.44,65,10.30,I-Tim.2.5-12,3.16,5.8,6.6-8,I-Pet.2.11-21,3.1-11,I-Jn.5.1,5,10,19-20,Matt.7.21-24,10.38-39,22.37-39,25.36-40,Is.65.1-2,Mal.3.6-7,2.10.

Unfortunately so far, after an intensive search of 24 years. I haven´t yet known a visible Naz./Chr. congregation, Matt.18.20, in obedience of II-Jn.7-9,Miq.6.8, Jn.13.35 & Jam.1.27-26,or that does not adds to God`s word;Prov.30;5-6,Rev.22;18. I have visited dozens of different churches, in cities, states of Mex. & USA. Web sites, encyclopedias, magazines, & books, etc. Though I haven´t any doubt, that during the past 1960 years, it have been, many uncountable, thousands of authentic Naz./Chr. believers, which have had uncountable trust and believe in YAHUSHA, the son of THE MOST HIGH, only trough the Holy Testimonies of the 13 Apostles & evangelists, elders,& members, witnesses. And many more will be included,II-Pet.3.9, before His very close adventment, without advice, as in Noe times, Matt.24.37.Regardeless, that is clear to me, that; as it is written, in Ps.14.1-3 & Rom.3.10-12,23 there is none that do good, no one. But the righteousness of God, which is the precious faith of Yahusha,(not feignd) the Christ, has justify those that have believed in Him,Matt.16.18,20-28. Not by the Law of Moses,Jn1.17,Gal.2.21,5.4,14,.7.19,Jam.2.10, but by the Law of Faith in Yahusha,Rom.3.20-30,Is.1.13-15,Jer.31.31-34.These are then, His people,I-Pet.2.9-10, The ISRAEL of God; For the Isr./Jews & for the Gentiles, Gal.3.28,4.28,6.15-16,Rom.9.6-8. In one body, one Spirit,one same hope, one Lord ,one faith,one baptism,& one God and Father of all,Eph.4.4-6. And still the gates of hell have not prevail against the congregation / Church of Israel of Abba/Eli,Ez.11.16-17,"36.24,28",I-Kin.19.18,Ps.111.1-2,Matt.16.18,Gal.4.6,Rev.21.7-8,I-Tim.3.15, aside of this present crooked & perverse world,Jn.17.14-16,Phil.2.15,Jam.4.4.

VI.-SUMMARY; Matt.7.13-14,Jn.14.6,15,Act.4.12,Jam.1.26-27.

The Christian name, a name first used at Antioquia of Syria,42AD,Act.11.26,though is a good name, for those that believe in Yahusha, “The Christ”, as the Messiah (The Son of God), it came a decade latter of the descriptive name of Nazarenes,Act.24.5,Is.11.1, for those that have become the sons of God/Eloi/Abba also,Gal.3.26,4.6,I-Jn.3.1-2.I reaffirm that the true Naz./Chr., believer of Yahusha of Nazareth, Jn.3.15,36,24.23-24, is the Naz./Chr. that in his heart & mind & spirit, believes firmly in Yahusha, The Christ, in His sane doctrine,II-Jn.7,9.Who has come in flesh, accepts Him as his teacher & shepherd/elder of his soul, guide and origin of his new spiritual life,Rom.6.4,8-9,Jn.4.23-24, of his strength joy. As his unique redeemer of his sins, and as his "only mediator" between our only GOD/YHUH//Eli; YAH/THE MOST HIGH/ABBA (The Father),I-Tim.2.5,Jn.17.26.They do the will of the Father,I-Thes.4.3,I-Jn.2.17,3.27 and mainly love each other,Jn.13.35,Mar.16.16-18,Is.65.1-2,Psa.94.12,Prov.6.16.

History schisms & the history examples of sins & antichrist,I-Jn.2.18,22,4.3,doctrines, together with the apocryphal epistles & false gospels (Jude, Thomas, murder cruzades, inquisitions & persecutions in all the religions & churches, etc), have proved its heretical essence,Rev.12.9. It is clear, that the true congregations of the primitive (original) Nazarenes sect of Nazarenes brethrens,Jn.13.35,8;31 of YAHUSHA (The only begotten Son of ELI / ABBA /Father) , is the one clearly register through all the New Test., unnecessary to duplicate here all the names, and many thousands more,Jn.17.20, through the millenniums ahead, but ignored intentionally through the world history (or unknown & unworthily), with the understanding that some didn´t prevail the true faith (sane doctrine), & a good conscience; which some having put away concerning faith have made shipwreck (ruin it) blaspheming,I-Tim.1.19.Others as the false brethrens were drowned in destruction & perdition, loving richness, others lying to the Spirit of God,Act.5.3,9.Others corrupted their minds from simplicity that is in CHRIST, I-Cor.11.3. Sadly , at the end of the times, even some choosen Naz./Chr. will be cheated by false Christs,Matt.24.24 & false pastors Jn.10;12-13.They didn't overcome by the blood of the Christ & by the word of their testimony,Rev.12.1,17,21.7-8. Do we?, will we?,Matt.24:11-14,24,28.20. I conclude as the Son of God said in Luk.18.8,II.Cor.13.5-6.When the Son of man cometh, shall He find faith on earth?.Surly will, because the mercy of God has being extended, so all can have enough time, to repent of their sins.II-Pet.3.9. So far, till today, and He knows His people; "The Israel of God" that loves Him,Matt.12.50,18.20-19,24.31,I-Tim.3.15,I-Jn.9 & His brethren,Jn.13.35.Be pacient,Jam.5.7-8, and let´s pray we be included !! That we should be, for the praise of His glory & to fear the God of Israel,Act.13.16-17,Eph.1.12,22-23.

By ; Jaime Diaz Rodriguez

P.data; 1.-OH Yes! The salvation of God,a gift of YAH (GOD)Psal.62;1,Eph.2;5,8, is of course, through the faith in the Son of God (Yahusha).The only Savior and The only Redeemer of the world!,I-Jn 5;1-5 and this leads us to the obedience of His Word(the sane doctrine),II-Jn 9-10,Jn.7;16-17. And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness (malediction),I-Jn 5;19-20,2;15.We are of God;he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us.Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error (lie),I-Jn.4;6-7.For love is of God (YAH); because God is LOVE.I-Jn.4;7-8,16 and we love HIM ,because HE first loved us.And we have the commandment from HIM,That he who loveth GOD (YAH) love his brother(brethren of faith) also,I-Jn.4;19-21.For men impossible;Matt.10;36-39,19;26-26,24;13,Luk.14;24-33,Jn.12;25,,Apo.21;7-8.

P.data:2.-For more read; www.geocities.com/jaimediaz_2000/Yeshuahteach.doc www.geocities.com/jaimediaz_2000/messagetohebrews.html;a message to messianic Hebrews and a message to the Chr.churches at www.geocities.com/jaimediaz_2000/messagetothechurches.html www.geocities.com/jaimediaz_2000/historyofthenazarenes.html

P.data:3.-Also read a brief History of Israel at; History of the governments www.geocities.com/jaimediaz_2000/gobiernos.html , translated here partially and quickly.


Impossible to leave of side the Israel-Palestinian problem; The Bible says to us that Semite-Syrian (Chaldean) Abram/Abraham begins with the patriarch. By indications of his Creator with his legitimate wife Saraí, to the Land of Cannan, being foreign and pilgrim in the Land of Cannán and Egypt.Where HE said; I will be glorified in the Pharaoh ,that the Egyptians will know that that I am YAH/YHUH (wrongly knowned as Jahowah/YHVH/YHWH/ADOANY),Exod, 14: 4. The Canaan habited by the Cananite. To your heritage/seed I will give this land! (Gen.12: 5-7)Though being his wife sterile, Agar its Egyptian servant, became a 2nd wife of Abraham, being his blessed Ismael first-born and its grandsons 12 Ismaelities princes, which lived from Havial to Shur, coming to Assyria (Gen.21: 18,25: 12-18,16: 3).Years after,was borned Issac, the Son of the Promise, through Sarai wife, the seed of the Israelites and the Judish/Judaitas, as the chosen people of God. Deut.7: 1-8, Num.25: 1-2,33: 52-53,55-56,Is.61;6. " YAH/YHUH is a military man! " Exod. 15:3. IF! , Job 12:23.

To whom belongs the Land of Cannan? " And YAH/YHUH said to Moses (aprox.1580? to JC, face to face): It sees and it raises here, your and people (of hard cervix) that you removed from the Land of Egypt, to the Earth from which I swore to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, saying: To your I will give it heritage/seed , and throw it go to the Cananeo and the Amorrheo, and the Hetheo, and the Pherezeo, and the Heveo and the Jebuseo." (Num 21:3,24,33-34,31:7,33:51-54,Jos.1:4,Deut.9;4-5)). In fulfillment to the promise of God, his Sarai wife conceived a son, Isaac,, and in you descendants will be called. (Gen.21: 1-12,Deut.7;6-8) And it was the territory of the Cananeos (descending of Cam) from Sidón (today Saida), in the direction of Gerar to Gaza (Gen.10: 18-19).

And we have not yet been able to include/understand the meaning of these words and to have not been able to follow its instructions exactly. " And it will be, if you did not hear the voice of YHUH/YAH your God… " (Deut.28:15,8;19-20) Reason by which still to the present time it has and it will continue to have great warlike conflicts, by this earth, until the second return of our Lord Yahusha (wrongly known as Yashua/JesusChrist ) (Apoc.11: 2,19: 15-16,Deut;8;19-20)). War of Hebrew-Israelite against the Cananeo,1200-1000BC.?; (Num.21: 3,24,33-34,31: 7, Joshua 6:16,11: 16-23.) Disobedience of the Land of God (Israel and Juda´); II-Rey.17: 7, Jer.32: 23,30 and Jer.52: 3. Israel given to the King Shaman-eser (Assyria 734-721 to of JC.); II-Rey.17: 3-7, Juda given to the King Nebu-chad-rez-zar,Babylonian (598-587 to of JC.), Jer.52: 12.Neh.13: 18,27) Reindivication of the people of Judá, already in dispersion/deaspora, (539 to of JC.), in territory of Persian dominion, the first year. of Cyrus the Great one, king of Persia (Ezr.1:2 - 3), until its total destruction of the town of Jerusalem and the 2nd. Temple, in year 66-70 d of JC. by the general. Titus.

Since then the Palestinian territory was conquered and it has been since then by; the Roman Empire, the European Byzantium, Arabic-Muslim, Arab and Turkish Crusades( I,II,III Richard heart of Leon), Sultans (Saladin), etc, and until 1948, the establishment of the State of Israel, like effort " Zionist" , initiated by Theodor Herzl (1896) in the dispersion/Diaspora (Not of God) in British dominion and not yet recognized like independent-Israelite by the Lig of Arab countries, protection guaranteed by the organization of United Nations (the UN; directed by the victorians of the world-wide II-war),Is.37: 12-14. Hebrews/Israelites according to the meat (blood), but not according to the promise of God. Rom.2: 28-29,9: 6-9, Rev.2: 9.

Why do they suffer now and from its origins the chosen people of God.? .Because to the disobedience to its statements and commandments ! (Deut.5;27,7:1-8,24-25,32: 20-21, Num.25: 1-2,33: 52-53,55-56, Neh.13: 18,27.) in addition because of the sins to its prophets and the badness's of its priests; " Lam.4: 13" , Jer.24: 1,30: 3,9,18,31: 1,11-12, " Rom.9: 31-33". To whom belongs the Land of Canaan now? To the covetous, religious fanaticism of the Gentile ones! (Luk.21: 24, Rom.11: 25, I-Jn 2:15 and 5:19.) We cannot leave of side to Herodes-I (4 AD..) and to the Roman Governor of Palestine Pontius Pilate and the king Herodes the great one (4-39 AD..), bloodthirsty twigs and of the Hebrew/Isr.Jews/Judish people. Not much less the historical perspective of celebrates passage on the citizen Yahusha of Nazareth (of Galilee-son of David), in the book " The antiques of the Jews" by Isr./Jew roman historian Flavio Josepho (18: 2-4), and referenced its historical existence by " TalmudBabli" or babylonian, although with well-known antagonism, by the rejection to its strict human doctrinal legalism (lacking of mercy and faith). Also on the civil wars of the Hebrews, before and after the destruction of the temple, killing the prophets of God, John the Baptist (30 d. JC.), apostles of God; among them to the apostle Paul (aprox.55 AD:) and encouraged to many false Messiahs; among them Barscouba/Barshcoba (135 AD.).

So,why hath YHUH/YAH (knowned as YHVH/ADONAY)done thus unto this land and unto this house? ; II-Cor.7: 21-22. And it will be responded: Inasmuch as they left YHUH GOD of its parents, removed that them from the Land of Egypt, and have embraced other people's Gods, and they adored and served; for that reason it has brought all this evil upon them. The exile did not disorganized the people of Israel (Jewish/Judish), that was grouped in communities from the first 6 centuries, under direction of teachers and rabbins,as the The Mesoretes,from about the 6th to the 10th century,the Spanish Sefardis, with acceptable tolerance, more during the Middle Age (5th.15th century, the persecution of the Jews/Judish in Christian countries, was the rule. Being until century 16, favored with the Protestant Reformation, that nevertheless had tolerance in the west of Europe. Later in Poland and Russia and later in Germany they had persecution, from 1880, generating a great emigration, towards America.And again ,it will happen at the end of the times (that belong to the Gentile ones; Luk.21: 24).Will be put Jerusalem by heavy stone for all the towns (the UN) (Zac.12: 2-3) When will it belong to the people of God/The Israel of God. To the return of Our Lord Yah/Yahusha! ,Zac.12: 6-8, " Ez.36: 24-28" , Rev.14: 1, Rom.11: 26, Act.1: 6-7.

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