Nazaren (Christian/of the WAY) BIBLE STUDY - Second part

Continuation of my Christian belief;Last up-date:October 19,2009 Chihuahua, Chih., Mexico)


"Yes and Magnified by YAHUSHA for us", so we can know sin and lust, without excuse; against our God and Father."Rom.3:20,7:12,22,"I-Jn.3:22-24",",Act.15:5,Deut.5:1-21,”6:3”,8:1,


I.- FIRST; (This is the first and great commandment)

You shall love YAHUAH ( YAH / YAHU ) with all the heart, and with all the

Soul, and with all the mind.....”Deu.6.4-5,Mat.22:37-38,Mar.12.30”.

Because by the Law is the knowledge of sin Rom.3:20-21,although not for justification, “The gentiles which have not the law, Do by nature the things contained in the law”….Rom.2:14-15.

1.-You shall not have other gods before me....Exo.20.3,Mat.6:24.”I-Cor.10:7,14”,Rev.21:8.

2.-You shall not make unto thee any graven image...Exo.20.4,Luk.12:15,”Col.3:5”,I-Joh.5:21.

3.-You shall not take the name YAHUAH ( YAH / YAHU ) in


4."ISRAEL"....Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shall labour

and do all your work...No obligated as a particular day to Nazarens (Christians )(gentiles

or Jews)through the New Test., though it is referred on unbeliever Jews in the scriptures;

Exo.20:8-11,”31:13-1416-17,Deu.5:1,15”,Mat.24:20,Joh.5:17-18,7:19, “Act.15:21,21:20” &,"Rom.14:5-6", Col.2:16,Rev.2:9.

Jesus (Yeh´shuah) himself obey them all , until fulfill ; to make replete, to finish,( even though religious Jews, thought, he did not at the time)

and the apostles, as Jews obey them, quite also.”Act.15:10-11,Ecl.7:20",Mat.5:17..

5.-Honor thy father and thy mother (A commandment with a promise);Exo.20.12,Mat.19.19.

SECOND; (And the second is like unto it ; There are no other commandments greater than these two)

You shall love the neighbour as yourself...Lev.19:15-18,Mat.5:43-44,”22:39-40,Mar.12:31”.

6.-You shall not kill;Exo.20.13,Mat.5:21-22,19:18,Rom.13:9.

7.-You shall not commit adultery;Exo.20.14


8.-You shall not steal;Exo.20.15,Mat.19:18,Rom.13:9,Eph.4:28.

9.-You shall not bear false witness


10.-You shall not covet thy neighbour’s house, wife,


OTHER COMMANDMENTS OF YAHUSHA .-added by our Lord YAHUSHA .(check Christ doctrine.html and teaching of YAHUSHA at the index of my web at

11th.-? "


A NEW COMMANDMENT ? " I give unto you!, That you LOVE one another as I have loved you.…”Mat.17:5,25:35,40”,Luk.6:46,”Joh.13:34-35”,I-Joh.3:11,23-24,4:5,7-10,5:2-3,.

Actually was not a new one, or much less to avoid the previous ten. Which were revalidated and extended by Him.

Mat.5:17-18,28:20.But as always, he was a perfect law giver and doer. He

MAGNIFIED his love for his neighbour, with his life...”Rom.5:8”,I-Joh.2:7-9,4:21.

A).-LOVE; The fulfilling of the law.


a).-Reconcile to the brother and agree with the adversary...Mat.5:24-25.

b).-Love your enemy, do good and lend...,be therefore


c) Wash one another’s brethren feet….Joh.7:17,"13:14-17".

B)Commandments said by our Lord YAHUSHA : “Matt.7:24,26,28,Jn.7:17,14:15.”


2.-Do a remembrance of YAHUSHA death...(Nazarene/Christian Passover Holy Festival)Luk.22:19,I-Cor.11:24-26

3.-But I say to you,That whosoever is angry...Matt.5:22.

3.-Agree with thine adversary quickly,while..Matt.5:25.

4.-But I say unto you, Swear not at all; neither by heaven...Matt.5:34.

5.-But I say unto you, That whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause..Matt.5:27-32,"19:5-9",Mar.10:2-12,Luk.16:18.

6.-There fore I say unto you,Take no thought for your life,what ye shall eat..Mat.6:25.

7.-But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil..Matt.5:39.

8.-You shall not swear at all; heaven, earth, your head.....Mat.5:34-36,Jam.5:12.

9.-Forgive men their trespasses..”Mat.6:14-15”,18:22,Col.3:13,.

10.-Take heed that ye do not your alms...Mat.6:1,23:5,12.

11.-Do not resist the evil.…Mat.5:39, Rom 12:17-21.

12.-After this manner therefore pray...Mat.6:9-13,7:1,Luk.11:2-4.

13.-When you fastest, anoint the head and wash the face...Mat.6:16-17.

14.-Lay not up for yourselves treasures...Mat.6: 19-21,24,Luk.12:32-34.

15.-Judge not, that ye be not judged.....Mat.7:1-2,Luk.6:37-38,Joh.8:7,15.

16.-Ask, and it shall be given you....”Mat.7:7-12,Luk.11:9-13”,18:1.

17.-"If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the ..poor,"Matt.5:44-48,19:21-23,Luk.11:41,Act.2:45.

18.- Do not call to anybody rabbi, father or master (leader) upon the earth....Mat.23:8-10.

19.-DO THE WILL OF GOD; Mat.7:21,Mar.3:35,Jn.6:40.

20.-SEEK THE KINGDOM OF GOD; Mat.13:44-52,12:38,6:33,9:35.

21.-WATCH AND PRAY;Matt.24:42,26:41,Mar.13:37,etc

22.-Thou shalt not commit adultery; Mat.5:27-28

OTHER COMMANDMENTS said by the Apostles ( Nazarens or Christian Jews) and Evangelists


1).-To abstain from pollutions of idols, and from fornication, and from things strangled, and from blood…”Act.15:20,21:25”,Rom.15:16-18,Eph.5:5,I-Cor.6:9-10,18,8:9-11,10:6-11,14,19-20,28,I -Tes.4:3,7.

2).-Covent to wholesome words of our Lord J.Christ (Y´shuah)...and to the doctrine which is according to godliness

godliness. I-Tim.6:3-4,6,8,10-11,14,I-Cor.6:9-10,Judas 3.

3)Abstain of lying....Pro.30:8,Rom.1:25,Eph.4:25,5:9,I Pet.3:10,Rev.22:15

4)Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers,Rom.13:1,Tit.3:1-2

5)Render their fore to all their dues; tribute to whom,Mar.12:13-17,Rom.13:7-8.

6) Him that is week in the faith, receive ye, but, do not doubtful disputations,Rom.2:1-3,14:1

7) Wives submit yourselves unto your own husbands,”Col.3:18,23-24”,Eph.5:33,Tit.2:5.

8) Husbands, love your wives, and be not bitter,”Col.3:19”,Efe. 5:33.

9) Children, obey your parents in all things,Col.3:20,Eph.6:1-2.For the young;it.2:6.

10) Fathers, provoke not your children to anger,Col.3:21,Efe.6:4.

11) Servants obey in all things your masters,Col.3:22,Eph.6:5,Tit.2:9.

12).Masters, give unto your servants that which is just and equal;..Col.4:1,Eph.6:9

13)Neither be ye idolaters, ..neither let us commit fornication..….I-Cor.10:7-8,Judas 7-8.

14)Neither let us tempt Christ or murmur ye....I-Cor.10:9-10.

15)Walk not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and

wantonness, not in strife, and envying, and make not provision for the flesh..Rom.13:13-14

16) Let your women keep silence in the churches: …they are commanded to be under obedience, as also says the law..”I-Cor.14:34-37”,I-Tim.2:11-15,Gen.3:16.

17)But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house...I.Tim.5:8.

18)Now them that with quietness they work, and eat their own bread...I-Tes.4:4,II-Thes.3:12.

19)That the aged men be sober,grave,temperate,sound in faith...Tit.2:2.

20)The aged women likewise,that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness..Tit.2:3.

21)Speak not evil one another,brethren...Jam.4:11,and don´t judge thy brother..."Rom.14:10-13".

22) Swear not,neither by heaven,neither by the earth,neither by...Jam.5:12,Matt.5:33-37.

23)Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth...I-Cor.6:18,Col.3:14,Eph.5:5.

24) For meat destroy not the work of God..."Rom.14:14-21".

25) For a man indeed ought not to cover his head..."I-Cor.11:3-10"


26)Let the word of Christ dewell in you richly...and admonishing psalms and hymns

27) Let the word of Christ dewell in you...singing Col.3:16

28)Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself...Rom.12:9-10,"13:9-10", Etc.


Gen.2:18,3:12-19,Lev.18;19,23,Esther 1:16-18,Prov.11:22,12:4,5:3-24,"18:22","19:13-14",31:10-31,Ecles."7:28",9:9,Rom.7:2-3,I-Cor.7:2-4,14:34-35",all the Chapter 13,Col.3:18,23-24,Eph.5:21-24,6:4-8,18,"I-Tim 2:9-15,5:5-15",3:11,5:4-6,14-15,Tit.2:2-5,11-15,Heb.13:2,I-Pet.3:1-6,"6-7,9-14".


(Are we partial-Christians??-Come out of her my-people...Save yourselves from this untoward generation.)


CHRISTMAS.-Not for Nazarenes (Christians) because YAHUSHA or his apostles never celebrated it ;


MARRIAGE (Legitimate.ONLY ONE IN A TIME LIFE;Keep it,when ever possible): Has not the purpose of a selfish happiness, even though it gives us happiness (No one can make an other person happy, except God.)



”Gen 2:18,24”,Exo.20;14, Deut.24:1-4,Prov.5:3-5,18-20,6:24-32,”18:22”,Mal.2:16,Act.20:35,”Rom.7:2-3,Col.3:18-19,23”,I-Cor.6:9,7:2,8-16,"20,27",39,13:4-7”,Mar.10:2-12,Mat.5:27-28,31-32,"10:34-36",12:25-26,”19:3-9,18”,Luk.16:18,Heb.13:4,I-Pet.3:7. Visit;

REMARIED;SECOND NUPTIALS AND MORE;(Due to of widowness,OR due to an illegitimate marriage,including by deceit,examp. Gen.29;23-28,THE ONLY VALID EXCEPTIONS)

Prov.chap.5,Mal.2:14-15,Matt.5:31-32,"19:7-12,(here the exception is only to reafirm,said in in Math.5.32","Marcus 10;2-12",Rom.6:1-2,6,7:2-3",8:7-8,13,18,I-Cor.7:1-2,8-34,"39-40",Eph.2:8-9,"I-Tim.4:3",Heb.13:4.



See ""(one voice in the wilderness) in the index of my web site and through a translation.



TITHES; For Israel (OT) and not obligated for Nazarenes/Christians , by any scripture of N.T. Much less to justify the false prospery doctrine (But they are commanded to help the poor brethrens,and without putting aside the help to our needed parents and relatives, I-Tim.5;8).-






WISDOM.-(The clean fear of the Lord)

Job 12:13.13:5,


SOUL (Living body).-

Job 3:13,12:10,14:14,Psal.

22:29,26:9,49:12,88:3,115:17,Pro.2:6-10,Dan.12:12,"Mat.10:28",22:32,Act.2:29-32,I-Cor.15:44-55, I-Tes.4:14-16,

LIFE.-(Eternal in CHRIST; the Word of Life)

Gen.1:26-27,Job 7:7,14:14,Psal.22:19,33:19,34:12,90:10-12,100:3,Matt.7:14,16:26,""Joh.7:14,21",10:10,11:25-26",12:25,17:3,5,20:31,Rom.2:7,"6:22-23",14:9,I-Cor.15:42-44,"Eph.2:1,5",Jam.4:14,I Pet.1:23-24,"I-Jn.1:1-2". Se through a web translator"reflexvida.html (A life reflexion" at the index of my web site)"Matt.17:9,16:21",28:1,6-7,9,13-15,Mar.16:1-2,9-14,19,Luk.24:5-8,"Jn.11:24-25",43-44,Act.2:31-33,10;40-41,"Rom.4:24-25,6:3-9",8:34,"10:9",I-Cor.15:1-8,12-23,II-Cor.4:14,Col.2:12,Heb.3:15,4:2.


Matt.7:12,Luk.6:31,36,Joh.8:12,12:35,Eph.4:17-32,chapt`s 5,6:1-11,Rom. chapt`s 12,"II-Cor.5:17".

& 13,"Col.1:14,"3:5-14,"I-Thes.4:3-7",I-Tim.6:11-12,9:13.

JUSTICE.-(The soul that sinneth, it shall die)










SALVATION (Obedience and plane fidelity.-


The salvation,is a gift of God (YAH),Eph.2;5,8,and is of course, through the faith in the Son of God (Yahusha).The only Savior and The only Redeemer of the world!,I-Jn 5;1-5 and this leads us to the obedience of His Word(the sane doctrine),II-Jn 9-10,Jn.7;16-17. And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness (malediction),I-Jn 5;19-20,2;15.We are of God;he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us.Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error (lie),I-Jn.4;6-7.For love is of God (YAH); because God is LOVE.I-Jn.4;7-8,16 and we love HIM ,because HE first loved us.And we have the commandment from HIM,That he who loveth GOD (YAH) love his brother(brethren of faith) also,I-Jn.4;19-21.For men impossible!;Matt.19;26-26,24;13,Apo.21;7-8.




FASTING (For spritual health) .-




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Matt.15:9,Rom.16:17-18,"Eph.4:13-15",II-Cor.2:17,Col.2:8,I-Tim.1:3,4,4:1-5,6:3-4,"II-Jn.7-9,Jam.1:26",Jude 4,Rev.22:18-19.


“Matt.7:14-16,22-23,15:7-8,14,24:11,24,Mar.13:6”,Act.20:29-30,I-Cor.15:15,II-Cor.11:13,"Jam.1:26,I-Tim.4:3",6:5-6,II-Pet.2:1-3,10-22,I-Jn.4:1-2,II Jn.7-9,Jude 4,8,10-13,16.


Gen.9:3-4, Lev. Chapter 11 (to the sons of Israel of the Old Covenant), Matt.15:11,17-20,"Rom.14:1-23,I-Tim.4.1-5".

see (about natural heath in spanish so far)




"Jonah 2:9",Isa.55:12,Psal."18:49",19:14,30:9,40:10,"51:12-15,145:5-6,22:22,31",49:1,104:33-34,147:7,116:13,17,92:15,Prov.10:21,31-32,12:23,30:6,"Ecl.3:22,5:4,6:11,12:10,"11-12",Amos 8:11-12,Matt.5:15,19,24:14",Luk.13:10,"Jn.6:45,20:31","Rom.10:14-15",12:7-8,I-Cor.14:3,"Eph.6:17",Col.4:3,I-Tim.4:13,II-Tim.2:14-16,24,4:2,Tit 2:1,Jam.5:20,I-Pet.2:9".


A) By God (YAHUAH /YAH /YAHUA ) ;"Heb.8:10,10:16",Psal.51:12-13,Matt.4:16-17,9:37-38,"Jn.6.45.Gal.3:8".

B) By the Angels; Matt.1:20-21,Luk.9-14,"1;30-35,Rev.14:6". C) By YAHUSHA (The Christ);"Matt.9:35",4:17,23,Mar.1:15,13:10.

D) By the Apostles; Matt. 28:19,"Mar.16:15-18", Luk.24:47,I-Cor.17,21-23,9:11-23,Eph.6:19-21,I-Tes.1:5.

E)By Others;"Act.13:43-46",6:5-7,8:4-6,Matt.9:36-38,24:14,Mar.14:9,Gal.1:6-12,2:7-9,I-Tes.1:1,5-8,Col.4:3,II-Tes.2:2-6,9,"Eph,4:11-12",II-Tim."2:2,4:5",10-12,Tit.2:1,Rom.10:13-18.

F)By the 2 Witness; "Rev.11:3-7"

G)By US; "James 5:19-20",Eph.3:6,8.6:15,Fil.3:17,4:3,"Jn.13:15",I-Pet.2:21.


”Isa.66:2”,Prov.15:33,22:4, Matt.5:3,6:6-6,15-16,18:15, Luk.18:13-14,Phil.2:3-4,Col.3:13-14,Jam.4:6,”I-Pet.5:5”,Jud.9.



Matt.7:12,Luk.6:31,36,Joh.8:12,12:35,Eph.4:17-32,chapt`s 5,6:1-11,Rom. chapt`s 12,"II-Cor.5:17".

& 13,"Col.1:14,"3:5-14,"I-Thes.4:3-7",I-Tim.6:11-12,9:13.

BROTHERHOOD.-(congregation / q´ahal )






4:2-3,16:10,18:49,110:4,118:22,143:2,145:18,Psal.15,23,29,51,91,103 & 116

chapters,Prov..1 & 3 chapters,I-Tim.3:15-16,6:3-11,II-Tim.3:12 &

15-17, Matt.6:24,19:25-26,20:16,26-27 &

25:37-40,Mar.8:38,1:25-26,Luk.9:26,14:26-27,33,16:33,22:19-20, ""Joh.13:3,34-35",15:20-21, &

16:2-3,"33"", Act.2:22-36,Rom.3:20-28,8:9,Rom. 12&13 chapters,& Eph.4-5-6

chapters,I-Cor,3:10-11,13:1-8,13,Tit.chap`s2 & 3,Jude 21-22,I-Joh.5:19-20.3:1 &

10-11 & 24. 2:15-17 & 27,I-Pet.4:11,2:9 & 21 and Rev.21:7-8.

FOR HEBREWS / ISRAELITIES (Yeudite /Yehu´wdiy/Judish)

Psal.95:7-11,Hos.4:6,Isa.1:13-17,41:2,8-14,Jer.3:14-15,4:4,5:5,19,7:8-9,35:13,17,44:8-9,51:5,31:35,Zac.12:3,Mal.4:4,Matt.1:23,25,3:9,6:21,14,23:23,27;1,25,41,Luk.13:34-35,11:44-47,"16:29-31",24:25-27,Joh.1:15-17,3:3,11-12,16,19-10,23,32-34,4:7-21,5:39,45-47,"7:2,19",10:27,8:31,Rom. 2:4,28-30,9:7,3.23,10:1-4,11:26-28,Gal.3:22-26,5:2-6,6:16,Eph. 2:2:1-21,3:19,Heb.chap.3,Act.2:38-39,28:22, I-Jn.1:47-49,3:23,4:7-21,II-Jn.9,Thi.1:14,I-Cor.7:19,15:14-15,II-Cor.3:13-16,11:22-24,Rev.2:9,3:9.


III.-A Nazarene (Christian); Act.11;26,24;5)DESCRIPTION:

Basically is the person in which dwells the Spirit of Christ.("Rom.8:9") But

generally we could say that is the person who lives by faith in YAHUSHA as

his Pastor and Bishop of his soul and in whom the Holy Spirit abides. The

Nazarene / Christian experience new spiritual birth through the regeneration of the Holy

Spirit and in place in a right relationship with YAHUAH ( YAH / YAHU ) and fraternity with Nazarenes (Christians) through

God’s grace. The Nazarenes (Christians)life is characterized by the fruits of the Holy

Spirit. Manifested in "his obedience" to YAHUAH commandments ( YAH / YAHU I-Joh.5:3) AS A

WAY OF LIFE, growing as brethren communities of grace ,in family or individually ,with joy and peace to be comforted together with the mutual faith of each other.Providing for his own, and those of his own house ("I-Tim.5:8").

Developing (Heb.5:12-14)the fruits of the Spirit that flows through him to the world , glorifying our creator,

that justifies us freely through YAHUSHA dead and resurrection.Though the sons of God will be

identified mainly because they will love one another,living not after the flesh (carnelly minded), but in the Spirit of God, and doing his will; being lawful and right. now free from sin, and become servants to God, will have fruit unto holiness, and the end everlasting life.And OUGHT HIMSELF ALSO TO WALK, EVEN AS HE WALKED;I-Jn.2:6.



"With men this is impossible! But with God all things are possible!!

(Matt.19:26,Mar.9:23,Luk.1:37,I-Pet.4:18).I thank THE MOST HIGH;YAHUAH ( ABBA ELI )through YAHUSHA our

Lord and Savior, because of this faith given to me...(Rom.7:24-25,I-Cor.1:4-6)

.Fear now therefore to YAH (YAHU/YAHUAH ), trust only in him and believe in

YAHUSHA , the Son of the living MOST HIGH ;YAH/YAHUAH (ABBA ELI). For Worship, Honor, Glory and Praise of our

only truly GOD MOST HIGH;YAH/YAHUAH (ABBA ELI). Worship with integrity; In Spirit and in truth; Put away from you, worldly foreign

gods of pleasure, fraud, sex, fornication, lies, materialism ($),,power and all

type of vanity that deceive ourselves, and serve only to the Lord, loving one another as

one body, one spirit, one faith and one hope of our calling

(Joel.2:12,Jn.4:24,Eph.4:4).For the Honor, Glory and Praise of our only true God "THE MOST HIGH;YAH/YAHUAH ( ABBA ELI)" and

our Lord YAHUSHA. And if it seem evil unto you to serve THE MOST HIGH;YAH/YAHUAH (ABBA ELI) with

sincerity, choose you this day whom you will serve; But as for me and my

house, will serve THE MOST HIGH;YAH/YAHUAH (ABBA ELI).(Joshua.24:14-15). So Lets pray and watch therefore

for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh

(Matt.24:42). Let God be magnified and that his mercy reach us

all....Psa.70:4,Luk.21:36." Wherefore, as the Holy Ghost saith TODAY if ye will

hear his voice, harden not your hearts (through the deceitfulness of sin), as in

the provocation, in the day of temptation in the wilderness....lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief


The grace of our Lord YAHUSHA be with you all.

Please excuse my English and will appreciate your commentaries and suggestions

that let us grow in Nazaren (Christian) love, at e-mail;

. Sincerely and with fraternal love; Jaime Diaz Rodriguez

1).-KJV (King James version by Thomas Nelson Publishers)

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4)An important and useful concordance on subjects that YAHUSHA taught, can be read at “ /christdoctrine2.html through 3.html and on ”

5)The name of JEHOVAH from KJV. bible , has being changed to a closer translation and vocalization of YAH/YAHUAH,YAHU ( “approximate” pronunciation in English; " Ya-hoo-ah"). But is highly recommended to use it with maximum honor, in obedience to the 3rd.Commandement “Gen 17:1,Exo.6:3,20:7,Psal.99:9,Mal.2:10,Math.6:9,22:37,23:9.”OUR FATHER , Creator of all visible and invisible,in heaven and earth Everlasting or Eternal , ALMIGHTY GOD can be acceptable names.

6)The name of Jesus/Jesus Christ, has being changed to YAHUSHA, “approx.” pronunciation in English; Ya-hoo´sha , because it is , for us, a closest transliteration of the name at the time of his life and the closest pronunciation of our time,and that meant YAH our Saves .

8)Started since; 18/Oct./98 , Chihuahua, Chih. México.

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