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Last update; October 22, /2009, Chihuahua Chih., Mexico PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH! I-Cor.6: 20 “We glorify to God in our body and in our Spirit, who is of god.God is our unique healer and” the food is your medicine and this your food. “Sal.103: 3<” Fears to YAH (YHUH/YHVH) and get away of evil. Because it will be medicine for your body and refreshment for your bones. ” Proverbs 3:7 - 8, Psalms 6:2 - 3, Exodus 15:26 I am YAH (well-known like YHWH/YAHVEH) your healer. “We are been thankful giving thanks to God by the blessings spilled through the foods that we consume properly”. The health is an appraised treasure that God puts to the care of us and is worthly as the life itself, because the lack of her, can take us the joy to live it, until leading us to desire to request death through the unhope. Recomenations taken from the book "" The Natural Medicine (the Health)at hand for all "" by lic. Chilean Manuel Lezaeta " and other compilations of diverse sources that are indicated.

All work develops heat. And to greater work ,also greater heat. The same phenomenon takes place in the digestive apparatus of man. The nature (that God arranged) has destined the stomach and internal of the human being to elaborate the digestion of fruits salads and seeds of trees in its natural state. With these foods and taking sufficient water the work from the digestive apparatus is realised without effort.

The healthy foods,and other healthy nutrients for us; Proteins, vitamins, fats, salts, minerals, carbohydrates (carbohydrates), amino acids, beneficial bacterias, water, etc. More with indigestible, irritating foods and still mixed with spirits, forces to the mucous of the stomach and internal to force their work, two or three times more, causing to a greater heat (of the belly) in fever or gastrointestinal fever, that favors the rotting of foods and is poison fruit that intoxicates the blood (acidifying them), affecting the vital organs of the human body (for years debilitated). Originated therefore the different sicknesses or diseases that are classified by the modern or pathological medicine. But where the majority of these diseases has their origin when losing itself the “Heat balance of the Body”.

En first instance will enlist the main recommendations. That by all means they are been worth since one is a baby. And in the understood one that beforehand we must flee from all the vices like; the cigarette, the alcohol, narcotics, gula, perverted sex, etc. as well as of all type of toxic or harmful medicine (of destructive indirect effect).

Also to avoid the Free Radicals (microscopic particles of polluting agents and canceríferos); that they decrease our health; among them; Ultraviolet radiation, petrochemical, X-rays, harmful smoke of the factories and cars, colarantes and saborizantes, weed killers and pesticides, stress, fritangas, chemical of all type, animal, cleaning hormones, etc., that age to us prematurely and they cause multiple diseases to us.

Because of the previous thing we must try antioxidants; being they: the bilberry (cranberry) in the first place and the strawberries, cabbage and spinach, the grenades, follow to him; also the red wine (of height preferably; ejem.el Chipriano and the Argentinean), green you preferably (he contains nutrients/antioxidants), coffee and the cacao of the chocolate, these 2 last ones with extreme moderation.

1. - To breathe “always” pure and fresh air (to live preferably in the field and to still flee from the smoke of the cigarette, that is extremely detrimental, for absorbs who it of third people). In addition to practice breathing exercises; To breathe is to live and there is no life without breathing because it is a most important function of the body, since it oxygenates the blood and all our cells. Hipócrates already said to it; “The pure air is the first food and the first medicine”. 2. - To eat “exclusively” natural products moderately; including always in its diet; many vegetables and vegetables (disinfected), seeds and fruits (not industrialized). If it cannot avoid the meats; it tries the cold water fish; salmon, trout and herring, ocacionalmente; chicken (bled), turkey, sheep and preferably cooked egg. Never filthy and shrimps (by its excessive content of toxins and cholesterol. It is not overfed, although it can complement with vitamins that need to him. 3. - To be sober in eating and drinking (without vices and masticandolos good and slowly. It takes care of his corporal weight. detrimental) 4. - To drink solely water (natural purified) and in abundance. In all time and climate. (of preference between meals and a 2 minimum of lts.) Like valued exception; Juice of Bilberry, Grape or apple of excellent quality (ejemp; Santa Cruz organic, Ocean Spray, Welch & TreeTop respectively) and teas (and but he is not only sensible to caffeine, that some contain, like tè black and the green one in less measuring, because she is not fermented and she keeps his properties from antioxidants) 5. - To have sum daily hygiene of the body and cleaning of room; interior and outside. (and even of thoughts) 6. - To dominate the insane passions (avoiding concupiscencias, wraths, jealousy, envies fornications, lusts, etc.) and to live with the greater possible abstention. 7. - To be never idle: it burns calories; it ejercitese jardineando, walking, washing, cooking, trapeando, etc (working sosegadamente and physically as far as possible) 8. - To rest and to sleep, (only the necessary thing for each person). 9. - To dress simply and in comfort. 10. - To cultivate all the virtues, mainly the love with joy and to avoid the wrath, resentments and all destructive attitude.

Extraordinary foods that do not have to lack in our diet: 1) Honey of bees, 2) Germ of wheat, 3) homemade natural Yogurt, 4) Oats, 5) Kidney bean of soya, 6) Alfalfa 7) Spinach 8) FRUITS, 9) Vegetables and vegetables, 10) NUTS and 11) You happen, 12) Oil of olive tree (it does not contain monoinsaturate greasy cholesterol but), 13) Teas; manzanilla, mint, leaves of naranjo, black, ginseng, /verde/negro, tail of horse 14) bilberry (cranberry), Red wine, etc.

Extraordinary and miraculous >Complementos; Lemon, garlic, real Jelly, linseed seed (rich fiber in Omega 3), ginseg, lecitina of soya, kelp (marine seaweed), oil of olive tree (elixir of the life), leavening of beer, you of all type; lipton, black, green, of leaves (mint, lemon, naranjo, etc.), by roots, (the tea is preventive elixir of all type of diseases) etc. of mint, of manzanilla, propolio of bees and the chlorophyll; that it fights infections and poisonings alimenticias.

Great remedies: Plant of Tail of horse; whose leaves fortify the blood, clean the stomach, liver, kidneys, etc., stop hemorrhages, cure wounded and malignant ulcers….etc. Fenógreco in dust preferably to put cataplasm with honey in the palate; (seed alholva): it fights the infections of iritada and dry throat, inflamed and infected tonsils, cough, improves the voice, etc. in addition softens, mature and extracts the pus and corrupted organic matters of tumors, putrid swellings, ulcers and sores. It also stimulates the digestion and it favors the liver, he is sudorifico and aphrodisiac. Common nettle; Mexican plant with which nettle the skin and its punctures take place effective irritation to fight intestinal congestions, rheumatic pains, and local and serious paralyses. Eucalyptus; “Australian tree of fever”. - Bronchitis, asthma, cough ferina, enfisema, still intermittent fever or malaria and like antiseptic the oil. Advisable articles and products; Drawer for baths of steam, bathtub for seat baths, lavativa, natural Microdín to disinfect without Iodine, fenógreco in dust; empacado like “Elym extra-k”, ointment of zábila, ointment of “Bengal, eye-drop for eyes, ointment synalar-c; for cutaneous infections, oil solution (safflower, eucalyptus, camphor, mentol, nail, etc) “Tei-fu” p/Nature-sunshine, natural clay (mud/mud); excellent for all chemical decontamination, ailment, burn, tec.etc., a exprimidor of garlic, mozquitero and a mortar to prepare the medicinal infusions. I supplement nutritional and invigorating with Gingsen, Vit.E pollen and dances the jaleo real; GPE of Pronat.

Good books to recommend “The food pharmacy” (the pharmacy of the foods " by Prevention, the USA. and "" the treasure of the homemade herbolaria "", by Right editorial Mountain range. (Manual of economic treatments of easy application in the home). “Healing and the mind” by Bill Moyers tel.en Usa.1800-336-1917 and “The Breuss cancer cures” by Rudolf Breuss< “The curative power of the Bible” and “the positive power of the Bible “, both by James E. Gibson.

Other recommendations taken from the pamphlet: “Principles of Healthful living” by Worldwide Church of God-H.W.Armstrong-; It adds in addition; 11. - To build a positive mental attitude; avoiding lawsuits, fear, excessive tensions, anxieties, faults, resentments, jealousy, hatreds; that they affect the nervous system and they cause difficulties, depressions (hopelessnesses of the life); Sal119: 165, Hec20: 35 12. - One more the complete day or fasting. This is; only with water and in cases of malaises majors. to see book; The Breuss cancer cures " with beet juice/vetabel by Rudolf Breuss,, 13. - To be sparing in eating. (to try the three meals more) 14. - To rub the body with towel after the bath to fortify the circulation. 15. - To be cautious to avoid all type of accidents and holdups, etc., as well as infections by contagion. 16. - To exercise itself; walking and long walks outdoors, are excellent, to raise steps, hills, to walk in bicycle and to swim. (Very beneficial also the exercise of homemade activity of the woman, and mainly the one of the field). 17. - To sleep (with a rigid mattress) and to only rest sufficiently and with good ventilation.

To these it would add: 18. - To carve with natural scourer of fiber and soap when bathing, for the good cleaning and circulation. 19. - To try vegetal regular naturistas fastings of a single fruit or, every week or fortnight. If it is not sufuciente food to him, it complements with teas and a small tin of water sardine. The fasting has the intention to rest the daily work of the disgestión and to help the toxin elimination of the organism. The fasting can be lightened eating bananas and/or avocado, only if it were necessary. And when malaises must majors) just by carry out fastings of several days tea of manzanilla sweetened with honey. (very preferably these fastings with professional attendance, because its organism can not be in good disposition to carry out fastings. To see;, and 20. - Baths of occasional steam and seat; the inner heats fall, that are the causes of many diseases when losing itself “the heat balance of the body”. 21. - Lavativas very occasional of year in year. 22. - Regular deep Breathings and relaxations. 23. - Love and understanding to the patient (who will be to him of great benefit). 24. - Blood nontransfusions, that infect diseases. mortals! 25. - Not to expose itself to radioactive cobalt, R-X radiations, neither to chemical products, nor animal hormones 26. - To buy and to cultivate or to buy, to eat meals made with organic products; fruits, vegetables and vegetables (without fertilizers) 27. - To avoid the automobile use; it walks and it avoids serious accidents. (Not to travel or to vacacionar unnecessarily) 28. - Not to use high heels, nor dull tightened. Also to sit down with position signs and straight line of the back; both you practice, distort the column. (causing to ailments in back and feet). 29. - To avoid at all costs polluting products and of cleaning of the home and environment as well as to avoid a near contact with its mascots (still the desparacitadas ones and bathing), because they are carrying of several diseases; coverall the cats, hamsters, etc. 30. - To ***reflx mng itself, with the good intention, màs possible (with property), since salud.31 helps ours. - On everything To trust that God; the creator of Cielo and the Earth will heal all ailments, when he considers it necessary and of benefit for us. (Sal.103: 03 Prov 3:8,17: 22, Mar.5: 34, Sant.5: 15) 32. - Not to put our confidence in toxic medecines! 33. - To never put our confidence in greedy, hierberos doctors or wizards (there are now them deceptive and still with university titles).

I recommend to read the article of Frutoterapia of 19/Oct/98 in “ and health/articulo/015700” from where I took the following thing: “To eat fruits with well-taken care of and certainty she is one formulates infallible for a correct operation of the organism. -----------FRUITS THAT ARE WORTH THEIR WEIGHT IN GOLD--------------------- BANANA: “The fruit of the Happiness”, For the nervous system, fortifies the stomach (as well as to the brain) and fights the internal ulcers, depresiòn and reduces bad cholesterol LDL. BOROJO: Without containing aphrodisiac substances, desinflama the ovaries and the testicles facilitating the reproductive operation. “FIG”: "" fruit of the woman "" - It prevents problems with cysts, the menstrual cancer of breast, ovaries, cólicos. In addition it fixes calcium, it avoids osteoporosis, it kills bacteria and lombrices, aid to the digestion, agents anti-canceriferos, and cures outer sores as it mentions the Bible in Ezequías. In case outside little; is energetics and still more droughts, much fiber soluble (oligo-fructose) and insoluble that helps its diet, diminishes the cholesterol by its content of pectina, contains calcium therefore in addition aid to the coagulation to the blood, potassium, magnesium and iron that along with I oxygenate generates hemoglobina or blood. She is gastric aid to the estreñimineto, and problems, renal and hemorroides bronchitis, cough and asthma, problems with the leaves. (The work is recommended “the food that Will save its Life” by Erwin Moller) PEACH TREE: “Fruit of the digestion” - the digestive system Regularizes. GRANDILLA: “Paediatric Fruit” By its great content containing protein. MANDARIN: “Ecological Fruit” - It drags the lead and otos metals received by environmental contamination. (vitamin c) MARACUYA; “Fruit of the passion” - afrodiciaca. BLACKBERRY: It regulates the low pressure. TREE TOMATO (THE LULO); it plants solanacea with fruit similar to the tomato): It regulates the high pressure. PEAR: “fruit of the man” Cures (like the fruit bilberry/cranberry) the problems of the prostate, if like aid also to the nervous system. PINEAPPLE: “Desparasitaria Fruit” (and for infections of the bladder and the kidney) Combat hidropesia. It contains carbohydrates, sodium, sugars and proteins, like the majority of the fruits. In addition its enzyme, the bromelin helps the digestive process, and the juice against the affections and the throat and difteria by its antibiotic and antiinflamatoras properties. As well as an excellent protector for the heart. CHERRY: “Fruit of the diabetes and the eyes” - sugar in the blood Regulates and dilutes cataracts, terijios, improvement hipermetropía and astigmatism. It contains great antioxidant concentration. SAPODILLA: It revitalizes the hair and the almond of pepa has a substance that cures the leukemia. APPLE; “Foresighted Fruit of diseases” That cannot lack and I add for that reason it to the list: “An apple to the day moves away to the doctor” and “it does not have nothing else healthy that to eat uninformed an apple”. - Improvement the metabolism of the organism through different hormones, thyroid, etc., reduces the cholesterol, is antacid, activates the liver that cleans the blood, it dissolves to the uric acid, clean the intestine and until the teeth, besides providing vitamins to us. AVOCADO; “The fruit/vegetable Excellent complete food “for the diabetics, by his under content of sugars and starch. It contains insaturados greasy oils, very beneficial (fight the cholesterol, proteins, riboflavin, niacina, potassium, 11 bit; B2,3,6, C, and, fòlico acid and 14 minerals To be avoided when sores are had, wounded and tumors to heal. “The BILBERRY (cranberry)”. The super antioxidant, natural antibiotic and vitaminic “C”, decontaminate organizmo and there is no disease that does not fight, along with the lemon and garlic. THE GRAPE; Natural and fermented (Red wine, 1 0 2 glasses before eaten c main)


(ref: Newspaper of the North of CD. Juarez, secc. Magazine. PLUM; It contains mineral vitamins To, B and C and salts like iron, fósfor and magnesium. It serves like stimulating as nervous, power, desintoxicante and laxative the system in uninformed. PAPAYA; “the fruit of the Digestion with high carotene content (preventive of cancer), Vitamin To, their leaves is adelagazadora of meats, their adelagazadoras fat seeds, by their content of essences. PITAHAYA; It contains oil that avoids the cólicos and aid to the good operation of the stomach and the internal. In addition it contains captina that acts like tonificante of the heart and tranquilizer of the nerves. PINEAPPLE; It contains carbohydrates, sodium, sugars and proteins, like the majority of the fruits. In addition its enzyme, the bromelin helps the digestive process, and the juice against the affections and the throat and difteria by its antibiotic and antiinflamatoras properties. As well as an excellent protector for the heart. The COCO; It is a rich food in fiber and potassium, as well as in copper, zinc, iron, folic acid, phosphorus and calcium. It contains bit. And of group B. He is diurético and laxative and aid to fight dengue. SOURSOP; Folic acid, calcium, phosphorus, iron and bit. c; B1; B6; B12. The leaves like tea for the diarrhoea. NANCE or Nanche (globoso and yellow small fruit); It contains bit. B1 and carotene that helps the digestion. Even aid the desinflamación of the ovaries and other types of you disorder digestives like disentería and pain stomach. Putiliza to currar infections of the skin like scabies, salpuido and wounds, by means of the use of the baking with pieces of cedar crust. WATERMELON; It contributes bit. C, To, B1, B6, as well as potassium and fiber that regulates the levels of the digestion, like the majority of the fruits. It is a laxative exclente, aid to elimar toxic residues. He is recommendable in renal problems or of urinary ways, as well as including the seeds chewed for the health of the prostate. By its content of fitonutientes and citronas GUAVA; It contains bit. To and C and it contributes fiber that helps to desinflamar and to improve the work of the internal. Aid to suppress diarreas.KIWI


GARLIC. - Estimua the immunological system, fights; anemia, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, like natural antibiotic; infections and affections pulmulares, etc. BROCCOLI. - “ANTI-CANCER”, food with 40 calories in 5.5 ounces, 5gr. of protein, 4 OF carbohydrates, 75mg of sodium, 5gr. of fiber, 10 units of vitamin To, and 240 of bit. C. CARROT. - The digestion Favors. anti.canceriferos agents, especially reduce to the cholesterol and vitamin with the Bit. A. OLIVE TREE OIL. - (extra virgin preferably) “the PROLONGER OF the LIFE (he is best the safe one to prolong the life that can buy) “Panacea for all excellent ailment and for the heart, nourishes with vitamins among them the “E”, reduces cholesterol LDL and increases the HDL (the good one), their momoinsaturada fat in and thins the blood, low the pressure of the blood, and tried that reduces the irrigation of death of any disease, by the University, of health of Texas, in Scythes. , she improves the elimination and she is an anti-cancer agent. Other excellent vegetables; “SPINACH”, beets, “ALFALFA”, Kidney bean of Soya, Cabbage, brocoli, among others.


Grip / influenza. - Many liquids and much rest; garlic, lemons, honey of natural bee 100%, propolio, fenogreco, soups of garlic, onion, fastings of orange, iodine; in the radish, garlic, onion, chapiñones, pineapple, handle and Kelp. If for temperature must lukewarm, fresh water fever, compressed and put the water feet client, to fight the temperature with fregoteo with humid towel frsca and the malaise with naturistas supositorios, if it does not yield the temperature. OF THE HEART AND THE ARTERIAL PRESSURE: To walk and to walk. To make exercises of deep breathing and to avoid stress until the degree of sudorización and with the precaution due in each case in particular. To regularly eat oats and fruits and vegetables and vegetables with high potassium content (ejem; banana, handle, the Coco, pineapple and watermelon especially, by its content of fitonutientes and citronas). And as far as possible after the long walk to take lemon juice or grapefruit those of high pressure and those of low pressure to add tomato juice. Both to include in its diet; Oil of olive tree, Tomato of tree (the Lulo), garlic (it reduces the high pressure Art.), crude onion, parsley (it fortifies the heart), cereal with fiber psyelim, apples and their seed, strawberries, grapefruit (also aux. in Angina of chest), tomato, nuts, honey, teas of all type, more specifically teas of; tail of horse and boldo, basil and apple. The olive tree leaves are tension and hipoglucemiantes; that is to say, they reduce so much the arterial pressure as the glucose concentration in the blood. It avoids on weight and it reduces or it eliminates the coffee or it takes decaffeinated and the meats at least, and coverall does not smoke, nor is exposed to the smoke of the cigarette. (it sees remedies in Selections R: D: of 06/04). ALL TYPE OF INFECTIONS AND TUMORS: Garlic (Japanese), arándalo (cranberry), figs and strawberries. ALL TYPE OF PULMONARY AFFECTIONS: Fig, leaves of tea Eucalyptus, vaporized and rubbed, solution “Tei-fu”, oil concentrate of; safflower, eucalyptus, mentol, nail, among others, but nonyoung minors to 12 years, iodine; in the radish, garlic, onion, mushrooms, pineapple, handle and Kelp.Arcilla for the asthma and exercises of deep breathing outdoors, virgin honey of the region and oil Omega-3.Para the Cough; tea of flower of buganvilia, gárgaras of tomato roast with salt and lemon, honey with genógreco in dust, much water, much lemon with garlic with honey and propolio, grapefruit and tomatespor the Vit.C, besides much rest. ASTHMA; Asthma (infectious, allergic, still by physical or mental, emotional fatigue, etc.) “Tei-fu” of Nature´s Sunshine, oil concentrate of; safflower, eucalyptus, mentol, nail, among others, but “NOT” young minors to 12 years. Clay for the asthma and exercises of deep breathing outdoors. hot aqueous vapours, regadera, olive oil in the feeding and of fish like regular medication; shark and of salmon preferably, trout, as well as exercises of deep breathing with regularity, to avoid the attacks of asthma, honey and pollen of bee (of the region), for the possible allergies, relajantes teas for the nerves, bilberry, lemon, garlic and cebola for the infection. To take in uninformed onion with honey and liquada water. To avoid to the minimum medecines, to move away of all type of harmful, near smoke or of the city. CONSTIPATION: We have from 7 to 8 mts. of internal. It takes much water and natural fibers from the fruits and vegetables, cereal, rested Plàntago Syllium, seed of linza in water (effusion) or dust with plums you happen, figs, oil of olive tree, papaya, plums, pasitas, oats and takes care of of its “daily” evacuations. The suitable operation of the intestine (colon) is very important to have good health, since there the toxins are accumulated, that happen to the blood later to cause diseases. If it does not have the vegetable habit and fruits; comma dry fruit and comprese a good natural linseed fiber and/or others of quality. It does not stop making exercise. The lukewarm leaves of fig fight the hemorroides and the orange and the water of tamarind fight the estreñimineto. ANEMIAS AND LACK OF APPETITE; Oil of Olive tree, Leavening of beer in tablets or dust, strawberries, avocado, to cook with epazote to fight stomach tiny beasts. BAD DIGESTION; Red wine with measurement (vitamin also) and cumin as well as beets and spinach, papaya and banana (in salad with lemon and oil of olive tree). Oats and Fibers with fruits and vegetables: Sweet potato, papaya, jicama, dry fruits, linseed beans, chicharos, rice, spinach, peach tree, seed, you of boldo, anise, camomile, ginger, raspberry, mint and of the Seine. CLEANING OF THE STOMACH AND INTESTINE OF TINY BEASTS: Beets, grenades and papaya. To add to its kidney beans and other foods; epazote to worm (a little bicarbonate and cumins, helps disgestion. SLIGHT STOMACH INFECTIONS AND REPIRATORIAS; Lemon, garlic, propolio, chlorophyll and epazote and red wine. CIRCULATORY PROBLEMS (arteriosclerosis); Regular exercise, to breathe pure air, to avoid all type of greasy animal as well as the salt, and irritating; to eat oats, parsley, fish of cold water (Omega 3); like the Salmon, trout, herring, fresh fruits and vegetables, garlic, onion, radish, lemon, red grapes of preference, cucumber lentils, juice (it reduces the arterial pressure). Teas of leaves of rosemary, robust, raspberry, of orange, Ginkgo boloba, and to soak the cold water feet and warms up (to see remedies in Selections of R.D of 06/04). ARTHRITIS; it follows the recommendations of circulatory problems and eliminates of its diet of by life “all the” red meat, oil of olive tree in all meals and only in uninformed and when sleeping, tea of you dwell and tail of horse with lemon, like water of newspaper, clay in the dolientes, ejericios joints moderate in crude pond, bathtub, etc., fruits and salads; strawberries, melon, orange, grapefruit, lemon. Wrapped of daily mud of all the belly. Chinese remedy; up to 10 poquetes of bee. Ortigar the skin with common nettle. Recommended book; of Prevention like coming up and remedying Artritis and Reumatismo by editoria universal-Mexico. Common nettle (to ortigar the skin) and until the punctures of bees and/or ants, is beneficial with moderation, but she is allergic PURIFIERS OF THE BLOOD; Bilberry (Canberry), Granada, Melon of China, Pineapple, Grape (It purifies), Alfalfa, Celery, Betabel (fortaleze the Liver), Tea Ginkgo boloba, of Leaf of Boldo, Tail of Horse and lemon. By its Iron content; Pope, Brocoli, green onion, radish, lentils, peach tree, Beet, red wine, Honey, greased clay, etc. LOST OF THE INTESTINAL FLORA; leavening of beer (in addition vitaliza), oats, yogurt and red wine. HEADACHE; Much water, deep relaxation, breathings, you of flower of chance, tila, marijuana, manzanilla, pear, (sliced of Pope or leaves of basil, hiebabuena in sienes), you of boldo, of alfalfa, ginseng and moderate exercise. On the HAIR; To alternate his champoo with natural soap of cacahuananche. Also it can apply these remedies of grandmother; For problem of opaque hair: juice of lettuce with 2 small apples or juice of handle, peach tree and apple. Also to improve its brightness; to take much green water, vegetables, fruits, handle, fish, germ of wheat by the complex B and lentils. In order to forget the dandruff: To drink juice of grape with kiwi. TO BECOME THIN; To eat healthful foods to its hours, with measurement, very little salt or substitute of salt, because retine the water and chewed well. To control its weight and to watch to burn with exercise, the calories that are consumed of màs by bad habits. To include in its diet; Much whole pineapple, tamarinds to the natural one, kidney beans, crude garlic and in juice, oats, power cereal of wheat, kidney bean of soya, watercress, figs for being and with much fiber solubres and fillers, oil of olive tree, crude onion, avocado, alcahofas, fish, beer and wine of grape with moderation. Prohibited all fried food, coverall you donate, chipses, chicharrones. To avoid or to reduce; All type of white, sweet flours, sugars, white sugar, chocolates, pies, refreshments, of all type; subtituyalos, by juice; referring of papaya and pineapple, grape, tamarind, drink of bilberry with mineral water with lemon or file, etc., to avoid red meats, salt (sodium) or to use little, substitutes; salt Norton, meat of soya, etc. I widely recommend the diet to Them of the orange of 19 days, that besides becoming thin, decontaminates and vitaliza; (comase an orange before eating 1er. day, two 2do., three 3er. and thus up to 10 10vo. day, later 9 oranges 11vo. until again finishing in one the 20 avo. day.) or if it always prefers comma grapefruits in all forms and still the tea of the white rind that covers gores. Also the seeds of papaya (for 15 days if and 15 day not), you of nettle. To include in its diet, much fruit vegetables and vegetables with high potassium content; then they expel the water and the salt from the organism that causes arterial pressure. Among them; horneadas Popes, avocado, raisins, sardines, nuts, whole orange juice, clabacitas, grains, etc. He tries in addition; spinach, apples, celery, Chile jalapeño, much pineapple and papaya, salmon, cheese cottage and strawberries (to see. Art. Selections R: D. of 04/04). It reduces to the greasy foods and refritos (contain; cholesterol, saturated, neutral fat or triglycerides), reduce flours, all type of sugar or candy (they produce fat), the salt and make daily exercise by 20 min. It tries all type of natural fibers; It fights the constipation. To be very careful with the diets, and to avoid milagrosoas, by the dangers of the decompensation of the organism, with possible secondary damages; and to focus to change the bad nutritional habits, of persistent and prolonged form. It identifies the causes that cause to stress or anxieties and enfrentelas with determination, value and “oration to him”, and/or with professional aid, to increase his self-esteem. It takes tea manzanilla, mint, 7 flowers, Ginkgo boloba, parsley, for the nerves. Please it is not exposed to dietetic medecines that will ocacionarán mortal diseases to him. PROSTATE (Prostatitis); Tomato, daily Juice of arándalo (cranberry), seeds of all type, mainly of sunflower, pumpkin, nut of Brazil, Garlic, cebola, celery, parsley, radish, many pears, grapefruit, avocado, germ of wheat and honey (by its high magnesium content), tablets of dolomia; (magnesium and calcium) or water of mineral and until seeds of watermelon and watermelon especially, by their content of fitonutientes and citronas. To also eat yogurt, dry fruits and germ of wheat by its zinc content. To try the Soya and to diminish or to eliminate the coffee and sugar coverall, tea, sharp alcohol and. Fresh baths of seat and baths (sometimes I warm up, according to), with regularity, wrapped of clay/mud in all the belly and between legs, baths with hot water, abundant water consumption. It prevents cancer with the prostate, the lung, skin, esophagus and liver! (; Healthful diet; it consumes much wild fruit; bilberry, raspberries, mill, blackberries, juice of grenade, etc. Ejercitese regularly and reduce estress. It avoids all libinidoso excess. Recommended book: of Prevention; “Like coming up and remedying problems of prostate” by universal-Mexico editorial. FLUXIONES OF EYES; Clouds, opacacidades of the cornea, Basil in white wine or water, juice and/or a seed of basil in the cavity of the eye (for its cleaning). Cherries (fruit for the diabetes and the eyes), virgin honey in the eyes, eye-drop, you of boldo to vitalizar them. Ocacional washing of eyes with you of manzanilla and anoints your eyes with eye-drop (Apoc.3: 18). In order to fortify the eyes; “cherries”, the fruit of the eyes; whole, in jam, kiwi, antioxidants; bilberry; in jam (until improvement the nocturnal view), strawberries, spinach, cabbage, carrots, asparagi and in all the green vegetables, as well as leavening of beer, because it fights the ocular fatigue besides the corporal one. To feed themselves and balanced well, to make exercise and to take care of of the excesses of solar light and rays (ultraviolet c/lentes), artificial, of computer, etc. TEETH AND ENCIAS; It chews enough and to cepillar the teeth whenever we eat foods; not only after each food, of preference with you graze of bicarbonate or grazes Sensodyne, because you graze dentrificas common are very abrasive when being done with pumice stone or chalk that destroys the natural enamel to us that it protiles to us of the decays and some have sugar, of encuando in when; only with bicarbonate. In addition it uses with regularity the dental thread, picadientes and a good vocal antisceptico - antifouling, like the Listerine. The direct decays are consequence of the bad digestion and selection of foods, as the meat in all forms and “the sugars” (sweet, chocolates, refreshments, pies, etc) of all flavor and color. To ingest then, natural foods and eliminating of the diet all type of candies and chocolates. It consumes calcium with milk products or abundant sesame, and it does not mistreat his teeth like tools or bottle opener. In the mouth it lodges hundreds of bacteria or different germs and that other diseases ocacionan therefore; among them to knock down all the teeth to him and until the power to infect the heart to him. (to see magazine Selections of /04 Sept. and Libro Takes care of its Body). Coverall to eat “hard” fruits and vegetables, like manazanas and carrots. Dolores of teeth or teeth; gargaras of tea of flower of arnica with salt, if there are abcesos; clay greased regularly in the cheek, or gargaras (is not taken it) of brandy with small pieces of celery inlaid in the decays, while it goes with the dentist so that the tape. Occasionally hagase enjuage herbal; with zarzaparrilla, eucalyptus, rosemary, wormwood, saùco (for mouthwash), thyme, equinàcea (liquid extract), and tail of horse, to heal his encias of gingivitis (inflammation and bleeding). M.Lezaeta in its S.Natural book recommends a rinsing of; root of tormentilla, root of geneciana, flower of arnica and common salt. If it does not wish to battle uses regularly grazes Dentobac, and gel Perioxidin, as well as spray “degree blood”. Teas of all type, because the bones and therefore the teeth fotalecen and eats sesame that contains calcium and garlic. It visits his dentist with regularity so that it eliminates his decays to him. It eliminates of his diet the industrialized refreshments and juice common, because they contain too much sugar. If or it needs fillings or amalgams in his teeth, takes care of of which are not done it of metal, because they have great lead content, etc. that harms its health to him. If it already has them, chewing-gum does not chew, because it dissolves metals it relaxes and them. Cambieselos by another synthetic material. Pain Teeth; it úntese mud in the corresponding cheek, and chews much celery and/or it pongase nail oil and it alternates. The water with salt, alleviates a little the inflammation, as well as several compressed ones of ice (or warms up: according to the case or if it prefers, the bocofaringeo “Vantal”, while the possible infection is taken care of; taking much lemon, garlic and honey. INSOMIO; An apple one hour before sleeping and better with a lukewarm milk small glass with honey of bees. Also aid to do exercise before going away to sleep, you of mint, gordolobo and hibiscus. It avoids all medicine, because they are addictive. DIABETES; Still like prevention if it has diabetic ancestors to follow some of the indications. To eat fresh oats, Vegetables, nopal stew, roast and until in juice, peanut, normal kidney bean of soya and, chick-pea, lentils, milk yogurt, apple, fig, garlic, onion. If it likes to also prove the congealed biles of chicken that are recommended in “the treasure of the herbolaria”. “Avocado like food, cherries (without dulzante, that is the fruit for the diabetes and the eyes) Remedy of “the health with garlic and the onion” by professor. Beltrán Ollé. To prepare the following one;. it tinctures; 50 trinchada onion, 100 milliliters of alcohol of 90 degrees. To let macerate during 10 days, filter and add virgin honey. One takes 3 times to the day; in uninformed, at noon and before lying down. Of the book “It takes care of his body”; To learn to take care of itself well; to organize and to know foods and to take care of its glucémico index (to try the sugar tester, to control its sugar, with accessories of Johnson & J. announced by Selections D.G.), to eat antioxidates; ejem. bilberry, strawberries, spinach, cabbage, watercresses beets and lettuces, to take bit. And it takes care of much his feet, to make exercise moderate. Also he is recommendable, if it comes, ejem; arándano.fresas, lettuce, spinach, watercresses, beets and lettuce, to take bit. And to make exercise moderate. To take black coffee decaffeinated, but without sugar or honey. Discarding all white sugar and products contain that it. To wear special socks like the Therasock announced by Selections D: G. (to try book of Reader Digest on “like taking care of themselves and feeding themselves with Diabetes” and “It also stops the diabetes” by S.D.D.). Homemade prescription of the Dra. Johanna Budwig, for the diabetes and cancer (in It puts in the mixer: 1 organic cheese cup cottage (low in fat, of preference done in house) (or yogurt) 2-5 Spoonfuls of linseed oil 1-3 Spoonfuls of fresh seeds of ground linseed, water sufficient to make a mixture smooth a pinch of optional pepper: 1-2 garlic teeth, To liquefy well. It consumes a portion every day. It fits the amounts to the pleasure) BONES: Osteoporosis; regulated exercise, greased clay and eat green and fresh vegetables, brocoli, figs, yogurt, seed of sesame, milk and derivatives and foods with bit. “D”. To avoid the excessive chlorine consumption in the water that we drink, and refreshments, because it eliminates calcium of the organism, to take teas since they fortify the bones. It eliminates or it reduces to the coffee (with sugar) and refreshments of tail and others that contain too much sugar that the organism turns into fat. IRREGULAR MENSTRUATION c annoyance; Parsley, rich in vitamins and minerals, others of diurético (and to be reassuring for the nerves.) Lentils to invigorate the blood and you of manzanilla for the cólicos, as well as pitahaya and of raspberry for the cólicos, fresh figs or droughts. MENOPAUSE; by reduction of hormonal estrogens (and masculine Menopause; Andropausia, by reduction of hormonal testosterone); Shames, Climatorio; cream of sweet potato greased in the conjunctures and baths of seat. It takes water and comma kidney bean from soya in all forms, cooks with oil of soya, milk of soya, linseed (it contains natural estrogens), seed of sunflower (magnesium), figs and ejercitese. It avoids Chile, coffee and the alcohol and takes care of of not consuming the foods that produce the shames or heats to him and of not taking nonnatural estrogens, hormones and other medecines of high risk. It tries in any case natural products and teas of zarazparrilla, alfalfa, black nettle, cohosh, and to eat garlic. Important; the excessive symptoms of menopause, can be indicative of ovaries in risk cancer. It takes care of his level of estress and it makes exercise. OVARIES Cysts and tumors); Oil of olive tree in uninformed and when falling asleep, acid fruit, daily juice of carrot, daily, taking tea from tail of horse as water of daily use, 2 baths of daily seat, lavativa crude salad per week with I sobremention of bicarbonate and two spoonfuls of olive tree oil, later every month with water with honey of bees, compressed humid in the lower abdomen, clay in the lower abdomen, to eat “many figs”, celery, nance and to take juice from arándalo (cranberry) and lemon, to take teas from robust, leaf of peach tree, wormwood and anise. Recommended book; “Medical Encyclopedia for the Woman” by the Dra. Ma.Eloisa Älvarez of the Real one, publishing America. BILIARY VESICLE; The stones or calculations; vesicular litiasis, forms of colosterol, biliary pigments and calcium, principlamente originates by the feeding with high content of carbohydrates and fats, reason why it will have to control these, besides taking a spoonful from oil of olive tree in uninformed with or without lemon, while annoyances and like prevention are had ocacionalmente. To neglect its sanación can finish in peritonitis; that it is an infection and generalized inflammation of the intraabdominal bodies fatal and fast, as well as to desarrolar a very aggressive vesicle cancer. Fastings prolonged with professional consultant's office in necessary case CANCER> This is “oncológicas cells that being normal are uncontrolled in their production or multiplication and that therefore they damage to the vital bodies caused the death. Prevéngalas or disminúyalas; with the 25 recommendations; Ayune up to 47 days with medical monitoring (only water and sardines (in water, if it does not obtain fresh) Or at least fastings of 21 days with orange and liquids, Comma natural fruits only, mainly: apples, apricot, figs, papayas, much mandarin, olives eat fresh and crude vegetables, asparagi of Brussels, much brocoli, chayote, figs and garlic, carrots, beans, lettuce, beets, little pepper, pumpkin, chick-peas, sweet potato, tomato, oil of olive tree and teas in abundance (the green one of prefer.). It takes vitamin “A” (betacaroteno) in carrots, “Bit. C” in lemons, tomatos, “and” and other antioxidants; mainly; bilberry, strawberries, spinach and cabbage. It avoids or rather it quítese of his diet; red meats, greasy foods, butter, margarine, butter, all type of tinned foods, refreshments, industrialized and coffee to the minimum and decaffeinated. It takes care of his vesicle and liver with olive tree oil. Protejase and avoids the Free Radicals (microscopic particles of polluting agents and canceríferos); cold meats and encutidos, harmful alcohol, cigarette, asbestos, quimotrapias, X-rays, smoke, toxic medecines, fritangas, etc. Something that can help him is a cancerigenic agent anti natural: the gálico acid; present in the seed of grape (, clay greased in parts of cancerífero risk or places manifest or hurt by the quimoterapia. Energetizar after the quimos with; a green tea and/or gingsen with; bee honey, dances the jaleo real, pollen and propolio, and you of Ginkgo boloba that improves the memory and eliminates free radicals; the canceríferos agents. He avoids the sedentarismo at all costs and he makes exercise with regularity. Homemade prescription of the Dra. Johanna Budwig, for the diabetes and cancer (in It puts in the mixer: 1 organic cheese cup cottage (low in fat, not too hard one, of preference done in house) (or yogurt) 2-5 Spoonfuls of linseed oil 1-3 Spoonfuls of fresh seeds of ground linseed, water sufficient to make a mixture smooth a pinch of optional pepper: 1-2 garlic teeth, To liquefy well. It consumes a portion every day. It fits the amounts to the pleasure) It prevents CANCER; Exercise to be oxygenated regularly and avoids destructive emotions, of fault, anger or resentment. Definitively it eliminates, all alòpata medicine (of antìdotos) and all the red meat and all type of greasy excessive animal, it is not exposed unnecessarily to the sun, toxic smoke like smoking, canceriferos contaminations of all type, rays-x, radiations, medecines, etc and tries of natural form: to eat greasy fruits and vegetables, Vitamins, Minerals, Lipocena (in tomato, watermelon, grapefruit, papaya, etc), Betacaroteno (red carrot, pimento, brócoli, spinach, cabbage, melon, orange, peach tree, etc), Sulforano (brócoli, watercress, cabbage, cauliflower, radish, etc), Acids Omega.3, Soya, Fibers, green Tea, you of gingko, Red wine, wild Fruits (bilberries, strawberries, blackberries, etc. by its antioxidants) Garlic and Onion, figs, in addition clay greased regularly in parts to cancerífero risk; (With the book “Already you can prevent the cancer of International Cancer Prevention Institute). To take coffee can reduce the irrigation of cancer in the liver, according to; Ichirop Tsuji of the Univ. perhaps of Tokyo it has major predisposition by hereditary genes, but with precaution and to good it eliminates it disposition. It avoids the sedentarismo at all costs and it makes exercise with regularity. It does not have sexual relations outside his marriage, nor before marrying; it can be infected and easily infect with HIV (human immunodeficiency; cause of AIDS), VPH (human papilloma; cause of cervicouterino cancer), that already has and continues causing very many deaths. Not to take medecines allopathists, who està tried that is carrying of cancer. Mainly “to pray every day” that becomes the will of God Father in us, because still they approach us to the diseases the Creator. Who unique has all the power to heal to us physically or better still spiritually. >,,

The MAIN AND GREATER recommendation for all:

! Honour to your father and your mother so that you do not die irremissible! and you have one long Mat.15 life: 4, Prov.3: 7-8


There are many; among them: Upheavals of anxiety (anxiety is reaction natural that has the purpose of preparing the organism to face adversities, has occasions in which he becomes uncontrollable and it paralyzes to the individual, disabling his performance in home, work or school), depression, bipolar, Alzheimer (disease that destroy the neurons), excessive nerves, schizophrenia, epilepcia, phobias, homosexuality, lost of self-esteem, chronic fatigue (downheart; discouragement, diffidences, disheartened), gula, etc. and lamentably several of them hereditary, gestation during the pregnancy, and/or learned from the childhood, of the parents and relatives; the destructive vices; sexual coffee in excess, alcohol, cigarette, drugs, promiscuities, etc. and that these in addition bring more anxiety to us, being catched in a slavery circle. Also there are originated diseases, by torments of impure spirits. Facts 5; 16.El brain is from its childhood, by several reasons; among them by a dysfunctional family or addict and sinful parents, programmed to insane and destructive pleasures, to that they were exposed during its development. Thus being to inconsiente and conscious disposition, to favor distorted, destrucctivos pleasures and habits and perverse. For later with the years, to react very instinctively to the pleasures of the meat; the human nature ególatra and in contrast (rebellion) to the GOD fear. First recommendation; “To eat either to think or”, To pray and to request health; Luc.11: 9,13, Jn.9: 31, “I-Cor.6: 9”. To read my Art.; on sex versus. love in BRAIN; Oats, seeds of sunflower, much banana, oats, lecitina of soya, nuts, iodine; in the radish, garlic, onion, chapiñones, pineapple, handle and Kelp, to consume lecitina potassium, niacina, magnesium, folic acid and bit. B, B1 and B2 many almonds, dance the jaleo real, Gingsen, Ginkgo boloba, exercises breathing and relaxation, Take rested white wine from 10 days, with romeo flowers. To feed themselves and to stay active very well; physical exercise, and of deep breathings, gardening, to write, poetry, to read, to play chess, dominated, ladies, to be interested in the others, etc. contribute to its good performance. Please, if it has Cats, in house, duermalos or delos in adoption to distant people; it has many infectious diseases, besides fleas. (National Geographic de Agto. /05). For lost of the memory; to take Ginkgo she-wolf the improvement when improving the sanginea circulation. Lost of Self-esteem. - This includes/understands two areas; The personal capacity and the feeling of personal value. The self-esteem is the sum of the confidence and the respect by itself. And he is to us useful to face the life confidence and optimism. This is nourished or it is debilitated, from children, according to if they have respected to us, loved, and valued, by our dear relatives and beings. Also mine or is lost, by the weight of the tribulations; tragedies, failures, breaks, etc (curses; cause of the sins), in the traps that the life offers, and that we by negligence fall in them. The self-esteem improves, to the being honest with we ourself, and nonexigiendonos of more; to live conscious and to accept what we are and as we are, (taken from I supplement of the Newspaper of Chih, of Mzo.04). It would add that the self-esteem principlmente recovers with the Love and the respect of those who we loved, but with the spiritual strength; OF BEING LOVED BY GOD (YHWH /YAH) and that its love of fruit in us. To recognize and to accept that the other people, are as imperfect as nosotos and they cause, and we also caused we to us damage, without trying to do it, the majority of the times. Of there the importance of the pardon. To assimilate that nobody is perfect, therefore either we, and looking for the perfection is an exhausting and unreal goal. Of the peródico one Neighbor-I supplement of the North 14/Nov. /05; it remembers we that the low-self-esteem and the rejection, undermine the emotional well-being, create anguishes to us and limits therefore our capacities. Everything by a bad appreciation of our faculties and distorcionamiento of our reality, with which we have grown, and because of those who surrounded and helped to us our formation. Therefore we must (with the aid of God Father) break that vicious and distorted circle. The Ps.L.García A comments to us. that “the self-acceptance autoimagen and it are related to the form about which the person thinks, feels and acts with respect to the form in which it perceives his deficits of qualities or abilities.” But the majority of the times, the perception that we have of we ourself is distorted, of his typical and abilities or his it was worth, and it does not have anything to do with the reality nor is just. We strived to please to others and we cannot. Explain I it of the following form. We can have exceptional capacities for something; ejem; painting, or Christian faith but for the people who surround to us have very little value; perhaps, because he is to us productive short term, for them, and doing to see us, in mensocabo ours. This happened to him to the Dutch and pious Christian; V.Van Goghe (by the way, it suffered of ezquizofrenia, taking it to the suicide). “More healthy it is to accept as one is, with his qualities and defects, which does not imply that we do not have to try to improve and to correct the deficiencies”, señaña ps. J. of the Heras.Aceptar that our defects, although present, are correctable, “with the GOD aid”. And somehow, we bore while them, they will help us to value, which would be, to have a calm life and heals, with controlled them. It takes into account that the brain is a body, that it controls, the whole organism; of conscious and unconscious way, through electrical pulses of the neurons. These are predisposed, through the years of the formation of the individual, to react of habitual and automatic form to healthy and perverted impulses to which he was customary. He is this the one that communicates, the mouth, only produces the sound. He is this the one that is hungry, the stomach only, processes foods. He is this the one that controls and enjoys the pleasure; healthy and the perverted one. All the others are to their service, so that it is possible to be executed his determination, also helped by the eyes, the ear, the sense of smell, the taste and the tact. Naturally in the sanación, it has a preponderant paper.

DEPRESSION AND CHRONIC FATIGUE; It seems that the Depression is a natural reaction of the mind, in defense of the excess of estress, that is lived. Avoiding so more neurons of our brain are damaged. To take juice from grape, of grapefruit and grapefruits (they fortify the nervous system), mueces and almonds, figs droughts and you of 7 flowers, leavening of beer, ginseng, dances the jaleo real, pollen of flowers, iodine; in the radish, garlic, onion, chapiñones, pineapple, handle and Kelp, to eliminate the coffee and to make exercise regularly (s Dr. M.Trivedi de S.Univ de Tx.), of preference with gardening. Not to take coffee. Homemade remedy; 25 grams of rosemary in 1 liter of red wine (of good quality), 25 grams of salvia, 2 spoonfuls of virgin honey of bee, taken from rev. Natural world #8/2007, Another remedy; 8 drops of the convinación of Holly, Walnut, Verbena, in the morning and 8 drops at night, the tea of San Juan. Besides the general recommendations, much love and understanding of its near relatives (who are loving and comprehensive and patient), reading of Psalms of the Bible (especially empieze with Psalms,) and Proverbs to fortify our confidence in God and to have wisdom of kings. (Pro.3: 7-8,17: 22). Also; as consolation in time of sadness; to read; ROM. 8.26-28, II-Cor.1.3-7, Jn.16.20. And to have a relative and Christian friend who console this test of faith. (Heb.13: 3,16) Nervous anxieties several; among them; Estréss excessive, sexual alcoholism, drug addiction, irritability, anxieties, nervousnesses, perversions; fornications, adultery, leachates, exhibicionismo, afeminidades, to lie down with men (both), mastrubación (it is autofornicación) and other type of homosexuality, maldiciente, compulsive robbery, suicide and all type of concupiscencia of badness or impure spirits. To take with regularity much water, but much water; in addition teas to mint, manzanilla, torenjil, totonja, boldo, prerjil (it is a handful of virtues and in barren tea the nerves and their attacks), leaves of azhar, 7 flowers, orange, tila, green, juice of grape, cheer real and pollen. The systematic Fasting; to see The human brain is proven according to was set out in the Congress the International s; that stress can cause to damages “dressing chisels” in the brain of the babies from its embryonic phase, to his first years of life. Reason why the American psychiatrist exposed who it I advise clearly: It is necessary “to play with the children, to animate them and to motivate to them”, to avoid the excessive reproaches and to spend loving time to them. For the adults, to stay tense (estresado /estr is) is a safe form also to live ill; by excess of familiar debts, work, problems, continuous diseases, etc. I supplement of the newspaper of the Paso.Tx of “Neighbors”, summarizes the following recommendations; Alimentese healthily, to have physical activity, to relax, to see that the dominion of stress is a life philosophy, according to our experiences and knowledge of those circumstances that are outside our hands. What one can make to help itself; To plan your time, to handle your fears optimistically and to use the enthusiasm and the good humor. 1era. recommendation, not to give credit to horóscopos, gravel, witchcraft, fortune-tellers, map readings, healers, cleanings, pornographic or demonic films of fear, terror, etc., because they are invitations (evocations) to the malignant demon and it adopts an impure spirit or several to us. Who already of in case, it has a great influence on the human nature and has deceived the entire world. (Marks 1:21,32 - 34, Hech.5: 16, Efes.2.2). 2nda. To fortify itself in the faith of Christ Yahusha (well-known like Jesuscristo/Yeh´shuah/Yashuah), because it is the shield that will free to us of all the darts of the enemy (Satan), who walks like rugiente lion looking for that to devour! .así como to get dressed in all the other spiritual armor Efesios chapter. 12, Colos.1: 13. of the word of God. ” It fears to Jehovah and apártate of the evil.” Prov.3: to 7-8.Rechazar all idolatry, I-Cor.10: 14, Heb.4; 15-16. 3era. - to follow the recommendations general, to occur seat baths, with jacareadas, on the head, to make exercise regulate, lecitina of soya, almonds and nuts, to take tea from mint, manzanilla, of tila, 7 flowers, and to sweeten with honey of bee, juice of grape. Vitamin. C, Complex, red wine, fastings of fruits and vegetables, bananas, pears, you of damiana of California and boldo, to avoid the coffee, baths of cold water, of sun, rubbings, techniques of relaxation, individual professional therapies of group or, to realise activities that please and animate to us. Then nothing or nobody will separate to us of the love of Christ.! Tribulation, distresses, hunger, nakedness, fear, neither still the terminal disease, nor still the sin or Rom.7 weakness; 23-25) of the meat, nor the physical death. Psalm 23:4 and Proverb 12:25, Filip.4: 8-9. PREVENTION OF ALZHEIMER. - a) To eat fruits and vegetables in abundance, as well as mueces and many almonds (liquadas with milk and licitina), to consume lecitina potassium, niacina, magnesium, folic acid and bit. B, B1 and B2.b) Estechar familiar bows and social cs) Muévete and offer (red wine) moderation. by; E.Edgerly of Association and the USA of fight against the Alzheimer.Otras: it avoids estress and the anguishes; that they become a vicious circle. It takes one cotoots daily of rested white wine of 10 days, with 20 desmenenuzadas flowers of romeo, for it fortifies the memory and to recover the cerebral vitality; of the “Treasure of the homemade Herbolaria”

LETS TAKE CARE OF OUR DECEPTIVE HEART! Because;! Deceptive it is the heart (the brain) that all the things, and profligate. Will know who it? Jeremías 17:9If some has ears to hear it hears! What Yahusha in Mar.7 said: 16-23 “That what the man it leaves, that one contaminates the man. Because within the HEART (of the brain) of the men, they leave the bad thoughts, the adulteries, fornications, the homicides, the thefts, the avarice, desvergüenzas, the malignant eye, the insults, pride, the folly. All those badnesses of inside leave, and contaminate the man. If all this contaminates to the man and along with the vices, wraths, jealousy, perverted concupiscencias, become ill to us. Our greater disease (lacking of health) or displeases, is not the physics, but the spiritual. This is in the HEART (and mind) deceptive (a) that it avoids to see us to us that so rotten (ace) we are in a certain sin, drags that us to an eternal and safe death. To not to confront or to accept with honesty, salvation (Sanction) that GOD gives us through Yahusha, crucified and revived, to grant us his pardon and in this way his love eternally in life heals and glorious, “for those” that has believed to their call and they are fortified in its faith, without mattering that in this fleeting life we must face us the adversity to which has held the prince to us of this perverse generation and we must fight physically and mentally until the death, of the present body. Even though our lives could fall in misfortune and/or perhaps until feeling us dark and miserable by our acts or sins; we give the best thing of we ourself and we are victorious in our faith, like which they have preceded to us. Rom.6: 12-14, I-Ped.4: 3 (and even dragging our human weaknesses; rubbishes, iniquities, abominations or sins with sincere repentance). To see Psalms 32 and 38.Evitemos succeed that us what to Jonás prophet by disobedient. Jonás 1:3,10,17,4: 9-10 and coverall we pray by our health; Psal.6: 2-3, Sant.5: 14, II-Cor.12: 8-10.Siendo brave with the cross that are called on to us to load, or because of our rebellions against God or because thus our faith in Yahusha Rom.8 will be proven: 35-39.La disease and the suffering, takes often us to the reflection and the sincere repentance. You flee from fornication, I-Cor.6.9, 18.Huid of idolatía, I-Cor-10.14 and someteos to God, to resist to giveable and will flee from you, Sant.4.7-10.

Finally, those that are healthy do not need doctor, but those that are ill: Luc.5: 31. They only wish sanación, those that feel the pain their wounds. Yahusha, also offered sanación to the broken ones of heart or diminishing, the distressed ones (by its sins and crimes), to announce freedom to the pressed captives and (of physical and mental diseases), as well as to give view to the blind (there is no blind major, that the one that does not want to see) Luc.4: 18 and Isa.35: 5. Also it includes to the patients of the pride and the self-sufficiency (glorification of I and lack of humility). The Christians we have a great hope in the creative God of All whatever is (Jer.10: 12), because it offered to destroy to the death and to clean all tear (Isa.25: 8 and Apo.7: 17). If it does not believe in Ntro. Mr. Yahusha /Yashuah, pidale to the Creator who creates to him, because of another form, makes lying God; I-Jn.5: 10. It does not believe in the Bible? Creala, because it is the inspired Word of GOD (YAH/ABBA FATHER) and Libro par excellence of all the humanity, and You are part of her; II-Tim.3: 16.Cree already in our Lord Yahusha ,beleive now to its word, obeying to him, with the aid of God and faith in, like our unique spiritual mediator. That God our Father keeps to him and cures to him of all evil. In summary; “We are what we eat” (and we thought). Fresh air breathes (in the field), takes much water, takes a little wine (I-Tim.5: 23), comma abundant fruits and vegetables, that the olive oil and the teas in our diet do not need, make exercise according to their metabolism, untese clay or mud regularly, does not remain in the places that cause to contamination/poisoning to him, relajese, avoids stress, is not irritated either, it quitese all resentment, and other destructive attitudes, is been thankful and it smiles, but mainly to pray to the All-powerful and creative God of everything; YHVH (YAH/YHWH) by our cure and health (including our spiritual salvation; Psal.62; 1-2)), to ask to him that it transforms our incredulous heart to us; fool and of stone, by one of meat: (Eze.36: 26, Rom.1: 20-21) and been thankful, to all, and especially towards Him, and without forgetting us to pardon to all so that we are by Him pardoned and healed during the years that He grants to us to live so far. You glorify then to God in our body, and your spirit (human), which are of GOD, I-cor.6.20, 10: they 13.Who together with the temptation will send the exit, so that we can resist (to the malignant one that it wishes our destruction). “Let us ask to the creator of the universe and the Earth (of knees) and with humble and humiliated heart i, of which of this gift to trust to us its cure” Psalm 51; 7.

Affectionately and sincerely wishing one them better health for You and your family;

Jaime Diaz Rodriguez 1: Not to ignore that the present medicine ignores and does not know greatly many of the true causes and origins of the pathologies and only attacks in the majority of the times, with medecines, drugs (and exactly that is and thus they are called in E: U.), poisons of all type, including the one of the traumatic serpents, or surgeries. The effects to neutralize them temporarily and their philosophy come from Hipócrates and still more from Aesculapiuo, old pagan God of the medicine. Besides this the great environmental contamination that causes to all the medicine and medical instumental, from its investigation and manufacture. Without ignoring the tremendous suffering that causes some treatments medical much very traumatic and its destructive effects collaterals. This without medically abounding in the great suffering and mierte that cause to the experience animal. The Medical dictionary; Taber´s C.Medical, defines Aesculapius well; The name of a Roman God; son of Apolo, and the Coronis nymph. Its symbol by the power attributed to the serpents and its poisons. Also represented by the mythological God of Hermes or Mercurio, and adopted for the Roman God of the medicine. of the medicine of Greek mythology. (with its symbolism I idolize of the serpent, whose puncture was one practices common in its treatments). 2. - They are not either let deceive by greedy naturistas, that with their miraculous products and panaceas of all disease, are created lineage doctors. And they are not more than fast talkers and to those who it interests its money to them, more than its health and recommend products industrialized that damages the liver and the pocket to him and some until kill. 3. - BOOKS TO RECOMMEND; “IT TAKES CARE OF HIS BODY” by Reader´s Digest de Selecciones, great encyclopedia of the curative plants by; Felipe Garci'a LL. of the publishing Morning call, “Giant book of Heath”, “Guide to cutting your cholesterol”, “Guide to instant pain relief” by Prevention the USA editors, and coverall the Bible, beginning by Psalms, among them the Psalm 23 and Psalm 51.

Other Data; 1. - The Bacteria, cannot let themselves be mentioned; some beneficial, but some causes of diseases and deaths. For example “the golden Astilococo”, that given its resistance to antibiotics, wins the battle to him to the modern medicine and therefore they apply bancomicina to him; strong and toxic antibiotic, to resist it, but causing damage to the kidneys. Another bacterium more known; aertrycke= typhimuruina Samonella, Typhi = Samonella tyhosa, the bacillus of the tuberculosis. All of them with very efficient and evolved chromosomes, by its transformations and mutations. Some assassins of babies in hospitals infested of them, as she happened just in the ISSSTE of the DF., with the aeruginosa monkey bacterium that killed 12 just been born in less than 2 months. And I do not doubt that many mothers woman in labour, have died by similar causes. The bacteria are the smaller independent organisms and invisible to ours seen of 1 5 microns, and generally of a single certificate and without nucleus; they are classified principlamente by his appearance in; Bacilli, Coconuts, Espirilos. We see in them the origin of the Life, its great adaptability to ambient inóspitos, but also capacity to destroy to us inner. For that reason we avoid to be infected in risk places, in dirty homes and places (with rage, typhoid), in our foods, and our trips, with samples desparacitadas and desaseadas mascots. This remembers to us that recently more than 100 years, very many women and his just born, they died fatally, only because the parteros doctors, did not become disinfected appropriately and the hospitals were true sources of disease. Still a simple puncture of mosco (the greater animal cause of deaths of the world), us can bring mortal bacteria; malaria, dengue, encephalitis of the Nile, AIDS, etc. 2. - The natural health in good measurement is based on the good feeding and to have a good spiritual peace. First, every time she is littler and more expensive. 2nda. measurement is lamentably more far from us. And both reasons must that every time, concerns less to us to know the instructions and recommendaciones our Creator, to have a better life, as wishes It for us. Otherwise 1:21 is applied to the one of Romans, that says to us that “we received in simismos, the repayment, (of reprobated mind; it vitiates) due to our loss. Reason why we follow praying and requesting in our daily orations mainly the blessing of the Omnipotent and Creative God; in order to bear our tests and their protection, which is not far from us. According to its will and not according to ours or from those who benefits from our diseases.

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